Can a dictatorship be benevolent?

Can a dictatorship be benevolent?

A benevolent dictatorship is a government in which an authoritarian leader exercises absolute political power over the state but is perceived to do so with regard for benefit of the population as a whole, standing in contrast to the decidedly malevolent stereotype of a dictator who focuses on their supporters and self- …

Should we pursue artificial intelligence?

In addition to keeping us healthy and safe, AI is also helping the environment. Systems are being used to analyze global threats, such as decreasing biodiversity, as well as develop solutions, such as how best to enact conservation efforts. AI systems are even helping us reduce energy use altogether.

What is a combination of big data and nudging and allows one to govern the masses without having to involve citizens in democratic processes?

The magic phrase is “big nudging”, which is the combination of big data with nudging. To many, this appears to be a sort of digital scepter that allows one to govern the masses efficiently, without having to involve citizens in democratic processes.

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How could managers ethically use big data?

Key ethical concerns raised by Big Data research include respecting patient’s autonomy via provision of adequate consent, ensuring equity, and respecting participants’ privacy.

How do citizens have a say in government?

By voting, citizens are participating in the democratic process. Citizens vote for leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the citizens’ interests. There are two special rights only for U.S. citizens: voting in federal elections and running for federal office.

What is hybrid dictatorship?

Hybrid regimes combine autocratic features with democratic ones and can simultaneously hold political repressions and regular elections. However, hybrid regimes also imitate dictatorship while having a relatively lower level of violence.