Can you put CCF on your CV?

Can you put CCF on your CV?

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is the perfect chance for you to enhance your CV gain those skills and experiences. Contingent Commander and Science Lecturer Rob Heaton said: “Through unique and fun learning opportunities the CCF provides valuable life skills which are vital for further study or employment.

What are the benefits of being a cadet?

As a cadet, you get to take part in various fun, adventurous, competitive, challenging and electrifying activities such as; fieldcraft, adventure training, first aid, music, various sports, kayaking, sailing, and shooting, to name but a few.

What is cadet experience?

The Cadet Experience, an initiative set in train by Highland RFCA, is all about developing skills for life while having fun safely…or vice versa! Here, qualities such as teamwork, self-confidence, communication and negotiating skills are nurtured and practiced.

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Are cadets safe?

We work hard to ensure we remain a trusted and respected youth organisation, and that our cadets, volunteers and staff are protected from all forms of harm or discrimination. We do this against the MOD’s eight safeguarding standards published in their Safeguarding Framework.

Why should I join the CCF?

The CCF offers life changing experiences that no other extra-curricular activity can match. Joining the CCF provides so many opportunities to challenge yourself, develop your skills, and work as part of a team.

Can you do CCF outside of school?

Generally, training opportunities for cadets occur during weekly Parades within school grounds on Thursdays, but there will also be whole day and weekend Field Days outside of school, and Annual Camp with cadets from other CCF contingents.

Are air cadets strict?

Is it very strict? The Air Cadet Organisation is a uniformed youth organisation that has an emphasis on standards of dress and behaviour. However, the focus is always on enjoying yourself while improving your skills with other young people.

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What should you do if a cadet asks to speak to you in confidence about what could be a child protection matter?

In urgent cases, where you have an immediate concern about the welfare of a child who may be at risk, you must make direct contact with the police by calling 999, reporting later to your chain of command. Have the cadet’s name and address and the name and address of their parent/guardian/carer available.

What do you do at CCF?

The Combined Cadet Force ( CCF ) is a unique educational partnership that operates in schools across the UK. Through enjoyable military themed and adventurous activities, cadets have the opportunity to take responsibility, develop skills such as leadership, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.

What age can you join the CCF?

Today the CCF contingents form a vibrant, inclusive youth organisation for pupils aged between 13 and 18, offering significant developmental opportunities in a unique educational partnership with the schools in which they are based.

What is the CCF and why does it matter?

“The CCF gives a lot of people a real sense of self-worth,” asserts Lt-Commander Stephen Hall, a former RN submariner and one of 10 Oundle staff to have seen service in the forces. “This doesn’t rely on academic prowess, but it allows our cadets to look smart and impress their parents in a way mere school reports cannot.”

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What is a CCF cadet?

Overall, the CCFs are sponsored by the Ministry of Defence to “provide a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership”. Although not overtly a recruiting ground, around five per cent of CCF cadets choose services careers, many part-funded through universities including Durham and Oxford.

How many cadets are there in the British Army?

The force underwent a name change in 1948, from the Offcer Training Corps and now boasts more than 40,000 cadets in some 260 schools, of which about 210 of them are independent. Most cadets join army sections, but 15,000 youngsters choose RAF, Navy and Marines contingents.

How many cadets are there in Oundle CCF?

Most cadets join army sections, but 15,000 youngsters choose RAF, Navy and Marines contingents. With 450 cadets, Oundle’s CCF, founded in 1902, is one of the biggest in Britain, with its own armoury and shooting ranges.