Can you wear jeans in Christ University?

Can you wear jeans in Christ University?

Students say the dress code is discriminatory – the rules are heavily biased against girls. In the main campus, it’s shirts and trousers with belt for men; and Cotton churidhar or salwar and knee-length kurtas for women. NO LYCRA LEGGINGS, DUPATTA COMPULSORY.

Does Christ University Bangalore have hostel?

Christ Hostel, Block A, B & C Christ Hostel provides an accommodation facility for male students pursuing various undergraduate programmes at CHRIST(Deemed to be University). These hostels are located near the central campus in the buildings the University has leased out.

Is there any dress code in Presidency University Bangalore?

“We do not have a dress code as such, but we expect students to dress decently. Youngsters these days are smart enough to decide how they must dress to college and for other occasions,” official of Bangalore University said. At Presidency college, there have been no complaints about the dress code, say authorities.

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Is there uniform in Presidency University?

No, there is no uniform at Presidency University.

Does RV College have a uniform?

RVCE doesn’t have uniform . It does have some dress codes like collor-less t shirts and shirts with provocative writings are not allowed. This codes also depend on the department and it’s faculty .

Is Mobile allowed in Presidency College?

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the Lab and violation of the rule results in the confiscation of the mobile phone and expulsion from the Lab. 10.3. 12.

Should I rent a PG near Christ University Bangalore?

If you’re thinking of renting a PG near Christ University, remember – expect more than just a PG. Because, new or old, big or small, a usual paying guest accommodation will always be just a place to stay. The PG in Bangalore you live in not be just an insignificant part of your story, but a defining part of it.

Are there any good PGS near Christ University?

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Be it single, double, or triple occupancy, there are many good PG near Christ University. But you should settle for nothing but the best. And that’s a PG is a home away from home, like Stanza Living. Looking for flats & apartments? You can book a full apartment now and find flatmates on your own.

Is Royal PG for ladies near Christ College good for girls?

Royal PG for Ladies is a good paying guest near Christ College. We can assure you the fact that the paying guest is safe and secure and has a good reputation in the area. We can say you will get good food in the paying guest which is the main thing that girls expect while living in the paying guest.

Which is the best PG in Koramangala Bangalore?

Located in Koramangala 8th Block, Bangalore, It is a safe neighborhood, C Comforts ladies PG is a modern and spacious PG home is close to Forum Mall and Jyothi Nivas College. This female PG offers all the comforts like TV, Food, Laundry Service, Power Backup, Wi-Fi, etc.