Did Honda ever make a 6 cylinder motorcycle?

Did Honda ever make a 6 cylinder motorcycle?

Honda had produced a Honda RC series six-cylinder race bike in the mid-1960s, but the CBX was Honda’s first production 6 cylinder road bike with this GP racing engine technology. This arrangement produced an acceptable engine width low down and moved critical items out of harm’s way in the event of grounding.

Who made the 6 cylinder motorcycle?

Honda was the first to introduce a 6-cylinder motorcycle in 1966, the RC166, but it displaced a scant 249cc and was designed for racing. Italy’s Benelli introduced the world’s first production 6-cylinder motorcycle in 1972, the Benelli Sei 750, but it took two more years for it to hit production.

How much does a Honda CBX weigh?

Honda, of course, has its own power figures and torque curves. At Asaka the CBX made 103 bhp, measured at the crankshaft….Honda CBX 1000.

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Make Model Honda CBX 1000
Ground Clearance 150 mm / 5.906 in.
Dry Weight 247 kg / 544.5 lbs
Wet Weight 272.1 kg / 599.9 lbs
Fuel Capacity 20 Litres / 5.3 US gal

Did Honda ever make a straight 6?

Honda did have ample experience with inline-six cylinder motorcycle engines from their grand prix race bikes from the 1960s, and they knew that a large-capacity inline-six would give them the edge on their competition. If the engine is too wide it’ll scrape, and in the worst case scenario it’ll cause accidents.

Which bike has more cylinder?

The Bike comes with 6 speed gearbox and Dual channel ABS. The Kawasaki Z900 is the best option for those who are looking for an inline 4 cylinder bike with more than 900 cc engine under Rs 8 lakh in India….Specification of Kawasaki Z900.

Engine CC 948
Kerb weight 210 kg
ABS Dual channel

How much is a Honda CBX 1000?

Today, the average Honda CBX 1000 Super Sports costs $10,000-$15,000 on Bring a Trailer. A 1982 model still in its factory crate sold in May 2020 for $21,500. Another sold in 2018 for $28k, Hagerty reports.

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What is the full form of Honda CBR?

It is an abbreviation for “Cross Beam Racer” or “Closed Body Racer” a platform developed by Honda.

What is the best six-cylinder engine?

10 Greatest Six-Cylinder Engines Ever Made

  • 10 Jaguar AJ126.
  • 9 Honda C32B V6.
  • 8 Toyota-Yamaha 2.0-Liter I6.
  • 7 Nissan S20.
  • 6 BMW M88.
  • 5 Porsche M97/74.
  • 4 BMW S54.
  • 3 Buick-McLaren 3.8-Liter V6.

What is the smallest 6-cylinder engine?

Six-cylinder The Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 from 1927 packs teh smallest 6-cylinder engine we could find.

How many Honda CBX are there for sale in Canada?

There are 9 Honda CBX for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Honda CBX motorcycles offered in listings in the Canada. See such popular models like Honda CB, Honda Gold Wing, Honda CR, Honda CBR, Honda Shadow and more. This has been outstanding bike for me. have been using it as commuter and getting an average of XX MPG.

What kind of engine does a 1979 Honda CBX have?

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Nice Two Owner, Original Paint, Original Patina 1979 Honda CBX 1 Super Sport, Perseus Silver. 1047cc Air Cooled inline 6 cylinder, 103 HP. Daily rid… 1979 Honda CBX 1000, 1979 Honda CBX 1000 Super Sport 6 Cylinder. Iconic milestone motorcycle.

Is the 1981 Honda CBX available for sale without reserve?

All motorcycles will be offered for sale w… 1981 Honda CBX, “1981 Honda CBX – Offered Without Reserve – Thank you for your interest in this motorcycle! All motorcycles will be offered for sale w… SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Leaving the US and going far South. I’ll let the pics do the talking.

Will the CBX be a collector bike?

The cbx is already a collector bike, and part of any serious bucket-list must-own bike collection. No disrespect to any of them however – they are all worth owning!