How are chess games stored?

How are chess games stored?

The game is stored at the end of the database. You can also store a Game in the Cloud directly. It is also possible to use a Smartphone or a Tablet to create databases and store games. With ChessBase for Android or iPhone this is possible.

How do chess databases work?

A database is simply a collection of chess games or possibly chess positions. In chess, databases have a few primary functions. Databases are used to review statistics on specific opening moves. Sometimes someone may want to locate a historical game or all the World Championship games or something similar.

What is the best database for chess?

Top 5 Free Chess Databases

  • Chess-DB. Very large online database that allows you to store your own games as and it also contains a large database of master games.
  • Chess Microbase. Save, annotate, publish and share your games.
  • Chess Tempo Chess Database.
  • ChessBase Reader 2013.
  • Shane’s Chess Information Database (SCID)
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Can you save chess COM games?

Yes! If you had a really great win, or an interesting position you want to look at again later, you can now save your computer games in your archive just like any other game!

How can we save chess analysis?

You can save any of your self analysis lines by clicking on the ‘save’ button in analysis: When you are in a Daily game, and enter self analysis, the save button will appear once you make some moves. If you find a line you like, you can click ‘save’ to make sure you can view the line later.

What does RE6 mean in chess?


Acronym Definition
RE6 Resident Evil 6 (gaming)

What games are in the chess database?

From world chess champions to FIDE masters, you will find an enormous collection of games that you can search, sort, and download.

  • Garry Kasparov. 2,421 Games.
  • Bobby Fischer. 1,192 Games.
  • Magnus Carlsen. 3,213 Games.
  • Jose Raul Capablanca. 1,310 Games.
  • Hikaru Nakamura. 3,803 Games.
  • Paul Morphy.
  • Viswanathan Anand.
  • Mikhail Tal.
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Is ChessBase free?

Not to everyone’s liking, but it is free. If you only want the Chessbase Reader, that’s also available for free from the same official website.

Does chess com save games against bots?

The games vs the Computer (not the site computer accounts in Live) are not saved in your archive. In the game menu on the app, you can Share PGN to keep a copy of the game though.

Does chess com store all games?

All games, except those under Play > Computer are saved and you can’t remove games. Yeah the games played with real players are automatically saved.

What is a chess database?

A chess database is a file or set of files along with a computer program which allows you to store chess games in a way that allows you to easily search through them. The associated computer program should also allow you to easily hook up a chess engine to help you analyse the games.

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How do I download my games to ChessBase?

Download the pgn files of your games from your games archive here. Then open ChessBase and open new database, browse to find your games and they will be available to you. In ChessBase there is an option to classify your games with the ECO opening number system.

How do I add games to a database?

For this you need a program/application such as Scid (free) or ChessBase (not free) which can read the database files and allows you to play through the games and do all kinds of searches/manipulations to the database files. Also you can of course manually add your (or anybody else’s) games to the database.

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