How can use cookie free domain in PHP?

How can use cookie free domain in PHP?

There are a couple of ways to configure a cookie-free domain. Such as using a separate domain name, set up a CDN, and reconfiguring the WordPress site….1. Configure a cookie-free domain separately

  1. Create a sub-domain using (static) prefix.
  2. Update your root document.
  3. Update WP-config file.
  4. Update existing post contents.

What is cookie-free domain?

A short definition of Cookie-Free Domain A cookie-free domain is a domain name that does not tell a user’s web browser to store cookies. This domain type is commonly used to serve static content, such as images, web fonts, and scripts, as these do not use cookies.

What are static cookies?

Analytical / static cookies These cookies are used to improve the website by reviewing visitor statistics. Think of the length of a website visit. These cookies help website owners understand how visitors use their website by collecting and reporting data anonymously.

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What does use cookie free domains mean?

When you use cookie-free domains you are able to separate the content that doesn’t require cookies from the content that does. This helps improve your site’s performance by eliminating unneeded network traffic.

What is cookie-less domain?

Any website needs a cookie-less domain. This (sub)domain is typically called “static”. It is used to serve Javascript, CSS, images and other static content. This argument may be counter intuitive, since cookies are small and you would not expect them to have a significant impact.

How to configure a cookie-free domain name?

There are a couple of ways to configure a cookie-free domain. Such as using a separate domain name, set up a CDN, and reconfiguring a WordPress site. So we will discuss these methods one by and so on. Here, I will mention the tested methods which worked well for my blog.

What is HTTP cookie and how does it work?

An HTTP cookie is data sent to user browsers by the web pages. This data will be stored in the browser while the user is browsing the website. In the next visit, the data will be sent to the server to remind user information. What is the cookie-free domain? How and why should we use the cookie-free domain in WordPress?

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How to configure a subdomain to receive static cookies?

By following the steps mentioned above you can simply configure the created subdomain to receive static cookies. The next method is by using NGINX. If you would like to receive static data in the server, the first is step is to provide a cookie-free domain. The next step is to connect the new domain to the same server your main domain is.

How to deploy keycdn to WordPress site?

You can deploy keyCDN to your WordPress site by using a plugin. Just follow the steps below. Go to their website KeyCDN and create an account there. They charge about 0.04$/GB traffic data and you will get one month for a free trial for a new account. Test their service and if you feel better then go for a premium account.