How can you tell EXO members apart?

How can you tell EXO members apart?

How to tell Exo members apart

  1. Minseok = Xiumin: A short hot man with an baby round face.
  2. Joonmyun = Suho: He looks like a Korean Rich Mother (like the ones in KDramas) with a six packs.
  3. Yixing = Lay: A Chinese Flower boy who can extremely sexy or adorable with his dimple smile.

What are exo do fans called?

List of fandom names

Object Fanbase nickname Type
AB6IX ABNEW boy group
A.C.E Choice boy group
Adam Lambert Glamberts musician
Adele Daydreamers musician

Can you tell EXO apart quiz?

Can you name the EXO members?

Why are EXO fans called EXOL?

The ‘L’ in “EXO-L” stands for Love, and in alphabetical order, L is the 12th letter and links the letters K (EXO-K) and M (EXO-M). EXO-L is considered a sub-unit of EXO, so that EXO-K + EXO-L + EXO-M = One. As in the band’s slogan “WE ARE ONE!”, meaning the band members and the fans are ONE.

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What do Exo members call their fans?

10 Answers There are a lot of fan-given names, actually. EXO-L, which stands for exo-love is the official fandom name given by SM ENT. There’s also Eris/L-ie/Aeris, which is what one of the members, Baekhyun calls their fans. It’s kind of cute. There was also a time fans called themselves “ exotics”.

What is the meaning of EXO L?

In alphabetical order, L is the 12th letter (signifying the then original 12 members, before ex-member Kris left the group) and is also between the letters K (EXO-K) and M (EXO-M). EXO-L is considered a sub-unit of EXO, so that EX A2A. Thanks! During the years 2012 and 2013, fans used to call themselves either Exotics or just simply EXO stans.

Why is Exo called Eli/Eri?

Since fans were always calling the members things like Baekhyunnie and Sehunnie, he created the nickname to feel even closer with fans. Eri is a shorter form of the full Korean form of EXO-L = 엑소엘 (Ekso-El). So 엘 (El) becomes 에리 (Eli/Eri). There are stars, constellations and planets that has the name Eri/Aeri.

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Who is the cutest member in Exo?

Xiumin – He is vocalist & main dancer of EXO. He is the oldest but one of the cutest member in EXO. He is small in size but he can sing high notes ( but SM doesn’t give him any chance) He is a very well mannered boy & likes to drink a lot (especially alone XD).