How far away are we from strong AI?

How far away are we from strong AI?

However, given how fast technology advances, we may only be a few decades. Experts expect and predict the first rough artificial general intelligence to be created by around 2030, not too far off. However, experts expect that it won’t be until 2060 until AGI has gotten good enough to pass a “consciousness test”.

Who is the most intelligent AI?

That said, the smartest AI in the world might be Google’s AlphaGo. AlphaGo, created by the Google DeepMind team is the first artificial intelligence program to be able to beat human players at the game of Go.

Should we be worried about the future of artificial intelligence?

However, before worrying about the future of AI it is necessary to first know what artificial general intelligence exactly is, what it would take to achieve it, and how far existing AI capabilities are from getting there. What is the current state of artificial intelligence?

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What can we expect from AI?

Three things stand out in these visions for AI: a human-like ability to generalize, a superhuman ability to self-improve at an exponential rate, and a super-size portion of wishful thinking. Half a century on, we’re still nowhere near making an AI with the multitasking abilities of a human—or even an insect.

How effective are AI applications compared to humans?

Thus, while an AI application may be as effective as a hundred trained humans in performing one task it can lose to a five-year-old kid in competing over any other task. For instance, computer vision systems, although adept at making sense of visual information, cannot translate and apply that ability to other tasks.

Is AGI the true goal of AI research?

“Strong AI, cognitive science, AGI—these were our different ways of saying, ‘You guys have screwed up; we’re moving forward.’” This idea that AGI is the true goal of AI research is still current.