How many are playing PUBG right now?

How many are playing PUBG right now?

First released at the start of 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games on Steam and had over 400 thousand concurrent players in the last recorded month, September 2021. The highest number of concurrent players was recorded in January 2018 at 3.24 million.

How many players are there in PUBG Mobile?

As of 2019, PUBG Mobile has reached 555 million players worldwide.

Is PUBG Mobile still popular 2021?

Yes, definitely! It’s still in the top 3 on Steam from player base and had over 400k peak players in the last 24H.

Can PUBG and PUBG Mobile play together?

Yes, PUBG cross-platform iOS and Android. So if you have friends that play PUBG on one or the other set of devices, this means they can fight together in real-time without having to be separated by platform choice.

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Which country play most PUBG?

PUBG player share 2017, by country First released at the start of 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has quickly gained a legion of followers across the world, most notably in the United States. Almost one quarter of PUBG’s players base was in the United States, with a further 19 percent originating in China.

Which is world No 1 mobile game?

1. PUBG Mobile. PUBG is one of the highest downloaded games in the mobile gaming world where the game has a huge number of downloads. It has millions of players on the platform.

Is PUBG good play?

PUBG is a good game. But like other games if you keep on playing it for whole day, you might get addict to it. PUBG is different from other games.

Who is best PUBG player?

List of the best PUBG players in the world Player name Nation
1. XQF Paraboy China
2. XQF Order China
3. BTR Zuxxy Indonesia
4. 33Svan China
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Can PUBG run in 1GB RAM?

PUBG Mobile is definitely not a game for 1GB RAM phones as its minimum system requirement is of 2GB.

How many players does PUBG have?

How Many Players Does PUBG Have: Fall 2020 Update At the time of writing, PUBG has around 330,000-360,000 concurrent players every day. On average, the game has at least 180,000 players at any

Is PUBG on Game Pass?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been available on Xbox Game Pass since November 2018, but it will now be available via cloud gaming (Project xCloud) for Android devices starting on October 29, 2020 Thirteen new games will be added to Xbox Game Pass in the coming days as noted in a post on Xbox Wire.

How much does PUBG cost?

How Much Does PUBG Cost in the Philippines. There’s also a FREE alternative PC version of PUBG which you can play in desktop the Official Tencent PUBG Emulator. The price of PUBG in the Philippines is way cheaper than other countries. It’s PHP 759.95 or USD 14.27. In United States, it cost $29.99 or around PHP 1,500 almost double the price in the Philippines.