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How many songs does RM have copyrighted?

How many songs does RM have copyrighted?

The Korea Music Copyright Association attributes over 170 songs to RM as a songwriter and composer, including his fellow BTS members solos.

Does Jin have any solo songs?

Jin. The oldest member of this boy band, Jin, has a few solo songs under his belt. Most of those songs appear on BTS albums, including, “Epiphany” and “Awake.” During some live performances of his solo songs, Jin even shows off his piano skills, accompanying himself as he sings.

How many songs has Jhope written?

100 songs
South Korean rapper, dancer, songwriter, and record producer J-Hope has written over 100 songs, including music for his career as a solo musician, band member, and songs for other performers.

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Does BTS compose their own music?

Along with the help of other respectable producers, songwriters and composers, BTS write their own music. Mainly the rap line participates the most in song writing and producing. Vocal line started to participate in creative process in recent years.

How old is Suga from BTS?

28 years (March 9, 1993)

Do BTS write their own music?

What are all of Jin’s solo songs?

All Of Jin’s Solo Songs Have Messages As Powerful As His Vocals 1 October 2016: “Awake” 2 August 2018: “Epiphany” 3 June 2019: “Tonight” 4 February 2020: “Moon” 5 December 2020: “Abyss”

Which members of BTS have the most copyrighted songs?

RM has the most copyrighted songs out of all the members of BTS and is one of three K-Pop artists with the most currently, with 171 copyrighted songs to date. He is the youngest idol to reach this number, with most of his work made for himself and BTS as well as the group’s individual members, though he has helped with a few other artists as well.

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Which K-pop group member has the most copyrighted songs?

Young K (DAY6) As with WINNER, Young K isn’t the only member of DAY6 that has many copyrighted songs, but he does have the most at 95! He has written lyrics for several other artists as well, including GOT7, UP10TION, Eric Nam, and more. 13. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)

How many songs does yoyongguk have copyrighted?

Yongguk, the former leader of B.A.P, has produced a lot of songs in his time as an idol and a solo artist, with 127 currently copyrighted. Though he’s completing his enlistment at the time, he is set to be released next month, and hopefully will return to writing great music!