How much was a ruble worth in crime and punishment?

How much was a ruble worth in crime and punishment?

rouble The main Russian monetary unit. At the time of the novel, the rouble consisted of 100 copeks and was worth approximately 50 cents. Thus when Raskolnikov pawns his watch for 1 1/2 roubles, he received approximately 75 cents.

How much was a kopeck worth?

The kopeck is the smallest Russian currency unit still in circulation today. One kopeck is equivalent to one hundredth of a ruble and one ruble is currently worth 0.011€.

How much was a Rouble worth in 1917?

The ruble slipped more or less continuously from that level to approximately 28 cents during the first quarter of 1917. The Russian government borrowed heavily to finance the war, and it also dramatically increased issuance of paper money.

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Should I read Crime and Punishment or The Brothers Karamazov first?

Between crime and punishment and Karamazov, you may first read Crime and punishment. Karamazov Brothers is 1.75 times the volume and it is to be read slowly as some chapters are probably to be read again before moving forward – they are brain racking.

How many Copecks are in a Rouble?

100 kopeks
The Russian Ruble (or Rouble) is the official currency of the Russian Federation, as well as South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks (or kopecks, copecks).

How many kopeks are in a dollar?

90 kopeks
It differed from the confiscatory nature of the 1947 reform when banknotes were reduced to 1/10th of its value but wages & prices remained the same. Its parity to the US dollar underwent a devaluation, however, from $1US = 4 old rubles (0.4 new ruble) to $1 = 0.9 new ruble (or 90 kopeks).

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How much is a ruble to a dollar?

Convert Russian Ruble to US Dollar

1 RUB 0.0135624 USD
5 RUB 0.0678121 USD
10 RUB 0.135624 USD
25 RUB 0.33906 USD

What is Russian currency?

Russian ruble

What is Japan currency?

Japanese yen

Which translation of Crime and Punishment is best?

The contemporary translation by Richard Pevear (American) and Larissa Volokhonsky (Russian) is the best and most accurate. It has earned a very good reputation from the readers.