How realistic was the charge of the Rohirrim?

How realistic was the charge of the Rohirrim?

In the movie; not realistic at all. They charged at a prepared enemy, who levelled pikes to receive the charge, and should have all died without achieving anything.

What was it like to be in a cavalry charge?

A cavalry charge was a very menacing spectacle especially for the infantry receiving the charge! It was also exhilarating for the horseman brandishing their sabers and lances. Also, in most cases, the horses were huge and trained to attack, not like the horses you see in cowboy movies…

Are the Rohirrim light or heavy cavalry?

Let’s start from the basics: The Rohirrim, at least as depicted in the Lord of the Rings films, appear to be exclusively heavy cavalry, using “shock tactics”.

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How fast was a cavalry charge?

Searching the web I have found very little information about a charge speed but the average for cross country competitions is about 20 km/h and my personal opinion is that a charge is around this speed: a relaxed bycycle ride.

What was the largest cavalry charge in history?

Sobieski’s greatest military victory came when he led the joint forces of Poland and the Holy Roman Empire at Vienna in 1683, when the Turks were on the point of taking the city. The crucial assault led by the Polish king, involving 20,000 horsemen, is described as the largest cavalry charge in history.

Do any elves survive Helms Deep?

TLDR; ALL of the elves survive the Battle of Helm’s Deep because the only elf who was there was Legolas… who survives.

How long did it take the Rohirrim to get to Minas Tirith?

Four days into their journey to Minas Tirith, Merry remained hidden among the Riders of Rohan. He worried that he was a burden to the Rohirrim, and he felt unwanted and small.

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Who does Rohan represent?

Concept art of a Rohirrim The Rohirrim seem to resemble the ancient Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic people comprising three tribes, the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes, who invaded and conquered Britain around the 5th century. Tolkien was himself a distinguished professor of the Anglo-Saxon language (Old English).