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Is Asgard in a different galaxy?

Is Asgard in a different galaxy?

Asgard, also known as the Realm Eternal, was one of the Nine Realms, located at the center of the milky way galaxy. …

Why is Asgard not round?

It is not round like the Earth, does not spin on its axis, and does not revolve around a star. It is a flat, asteroid-like mass that has a top surface with a gravitational pull, similar to that of the Earth, in order to keep the citizens and their cities from floating into the void.

Does Asgard get rebuilt in the comics?

Tony Stark’s company, Stark Resilient then rebuilds Asgard over Broxton, Oklahoma, where it is rechristened as “Asgardia”.

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How long is an Asgardian pregnancy?

either the Asgardian uterus works the exact same way as ours and a pregnancy there would last less or more than the 39 weeks (for gestation) it usually does on Midgard; or, no matter how long it lasts, Asgardian pregnancy doesn’t go just the way it should do for a human female.

Are there really 9 realms?

The nine realms are named Niflheim, Muspelheim, Asgard, Midgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim and Helheim. They are located in the branches and among the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

What realm is Thanos from?

Thanos comes from Titan. It would be another “realm”, just one that Odin never conquered.

Why did Asgard get smaller?

This is because when Thor and Loki returned to Asgard with the help of tesseract(space stone). The Asgardians with the power of the tesseract repair the Bifrost Rainbow bridge, although it was never shown any time. And by the way Thor has mjolnir, he can bifrost easily. They were all easily defeated by Hela.

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Why was Asgard destroyed?

The Destruction of Asgard was the result of the Fire Demon Surtur being released by Loki in the achievement of the doomsday prophecy known as Ragnarök, which had been figured out by Thor as the only way to kill Hela before she could lay waste across the Nine Realms and beyond.

Do asgardians get stronger as they age?

The Asgardians, in fact, do age, very slowly. They maintain their immortal vigor by eating the Apples of Idun, which sustain their superhuman strength, vitality and magical pussiance.

Where is New Asgard located?

On Earth-199999, New Asgard was established in Tønsberg, Norway by the survivors of Thanos’ attack on the Statesman. In addition to the remaining Asgardians, it was also home to Korg and Miek.

How large is New Asgard in Marvel Comics?

It is unknown how large it actually is, but it encompasses at least from what used to be New York State to Massachusetts. On Earth-98101 New Asgard was established in the place of what was once New York City after the Asgardians were trapped in Midgard when the Bifrost and Asgard were reported destroyed.

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Why did Odin let Loki keep the old Asgard?

This was in fact a ruse by Loki, but Odin knew it and allowed Loki to keep the Old Asgard for himself anyway, for the Kingdom was no good to him with the subjects to manipulate. On Earth-199999, New Asgard was established in Tønsberg, Norway by the survivors of Thanos’ attack on the Statesman.