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Is CCA worth it in poly?

Is CCA worth it in poly?

For a balanced and holistic polytechnic life, it is important for students to take part in CCA as it provides opportunities for character building and nurturing of life skills and attributes such as leadership and teamwork.

How long is CCA in poly?

CCA points are cumulative over the 3 years of a student’s education in SP and would be converted into a grade that is reflected in the student’s final-year’s CCA statement. Students are also able to access to view their CCA records and points attained.

Is CCA a waste of time?

“CCA is a waste of time. Further, research has shown that kids need some outdoor and leisure time outside of school in order to upkeep their mental and developmental wellness. There is a limit as to how much the brain can absorb for effective learning, so CCA can provide a good reprieve from the daily grind.

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Why should I join CCA?

CCAs expands your social circle beyond the classroom and exposes you to a new group of people that share similar interests as you. Making friends that share similar interests as you often results in longer lasting friendships with stronger bonds compared to friendships forged in the classroom.

Is Poly life stressful?

Don’t underestimate the stress levels You probably heard that life in poly is slack and full of freedom. So here is social stress and exam stress. Unlike a secondary school, everything in a polytechnic is less rigid. Classes are spread out and you can choose to attend your lectures/tutorials.

Can you quit CCA?

If your child is having a hard time, it is possible that they will consider quitting their CCA. Instead of simply agreeing to let them quit, take the time to talk to your child and try drawing out the reason for their desire to quit.

What are the benefits of joining CCA?

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CCAs allow students to explore their strengths and talents outside of the academic arena. It helps students develop useful life-skills such as time-management or organisation capabilities. It provides opportunities to build long-lasting friendships and groom social skills.

What is the CCA grade?

The CCA grade will reflect the students’ involvement in the various co-curricular activities both in and outside the campus and will encourage participation by all students. You will also be given numerous opportunities to grow your capabilities and life skills beyond the Polytechnic.

When is the best time to gain CCA points in poly?

The best time to gain CCA points is during your first year in polytechnic because it will be too late (and you will be too busy) in your second or third year. In addition, you will meet many interesting people in a CCA. Some of the people that you meet may eventually be your close friends throughout your poly life, or even after poly.

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How often do CCAs in Polytechnic meet?

CCAs, or Interest Groups (IGs), are optional in polytechnic. Depending on the type of CCA you are in you will have varying meeting/training schedules. Sports and arts-related CCAs will probably expect you to participate more frequently than let’s say faculty/diploma-based CCAs, where weekly meets will suffice.

What is Polytechnic like in Singapore?

Polytechnics in Singapore adopt a more relaxed environment compared to secondary school, which allows students to focus on independent learning. And it’s a huge jump from what you’re used to in secondary school. Here are 7 things one should know before entering polytechnic.