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Is EXO still active in 2020?

Is EXO still active in 2020?

2020–present: Focus on solo activities and group comeback. In February 2020, SM Entertainment revealed that Exo members would prioritize solo and unit activities for 2020, due to hiatuses from the group by several members while serving their military enlistment.

Are EXO still popular?

You can’t compare their popularity as of now because half of the exo members are busy with military, while bts is really active. But exo still topping brand reputation in groups and winning awards even without a comeback tells us that their fanbase in korea is huge.

How many times can an exo be rebooted?

The Clovis Bray corporation estimated that the maximum number of times an Exo could be safely rebooted was around 20. As reboots did not technically remove any memories, Exos sometimes remembered traces of them, especially for Guardians and some can gain access to these buried memories by purposefully dying or killing themselves.

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What happened to the EXOS after the collapse?

Many would also be resurrected by the Ghosts to become Guardians. Even among non-Guardian Exos, virtually all memories of their origins and the Collapse appear to have been lost over the course of multiple memory wipes; an exception is Ada-1, whose memory has never been wiped. Ada-1 – Golden Age survivor and the head of the Black Armory.

Do Exos feel like they are human?

In many ways, Exos like to think of themselves as human, or having human minds in machine bodies. Exos can also confuse armor they wear for part of their own body, which leads to a feeling of being naked. Exos are subject to a number of unique medical conditions, being Dissociative Exomind Rejection (DER) and spontaneous Exo reset syndrome.

Is it possible for an exo to get drunk?

The “humanisms” may extend to certain sensations of discomfort, such as nausea or physical exertion, as Cayde-6 has demonstrated on occasion, though he is not a reliable source. It is not possible for an Exo to become intoxicated by alcohol, however.