Is leggings allowed in Christ University?

Is leggings allowed in Christ University?

Students say the dress code is discriminatory – the rules are heavily biased against girls. In the main campus, it’s shirts and trousers with belt for men; and Cotton churidhar or salwar and knee-length kurtas for women. NO LYCRA LEGGINGS, DUPATTA COMPULSORY.

Is phone allowed in Christ college?

Students can park their four wheelers inside the college campus only after paying the prescribed fee. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited on campus.

What are the rules in girls hostel?

All visitors must register at the Security Counter of Girls’ Hostel and provide all detail and documents for verification as requested by Lady Security Guard. No visitor shall be allowed to loiter around the Hostel vicinity except the visiting room. Visitors are NOT allowed to use the hostel facilities.

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What are the hostel facilities at Christ University?

Hostel Facilities : The hostels at Christ University are well organised to provide students with a homely environment.Totally 4 hostels are there which have single as well as sharing rooms for the students.Students can get rooms as per their choice.

Can you bring a hair dryer to Christ University?

Food from restaurants is not allowed, but no one bothers to check your bags to see if you’re sneaking in any. Hairdryers are allowed, but hair straighteners are not. Night-outs call for long procedures, including a fax from parents three days in advance, as in the case of Christ University hostellers.

What are the facilities provided in the hostels of VIT University?

The hostels have facilities like Gym, Recreation hall and library services. 24*7 security is always there. The services in the mess are also great as the staff serve fresh food in all three meals of the day. The campus is spread over 78.5 acres and has facilities like playgrounds and laboratories within.

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Are men allowed in girls’ hostels?

Post 7pm, no man is allowed into the girls’ hostel premises. The rule stands for fathers too, while mothers are allowed with the warden’s permission. CCTV cameras are also installed in the hostels. As Lea says: “At the end of the day, you learn to love this place.