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Is the Uzi the best SMG?

Is the Uzi the best SMG?

The Uzi is a highly effective weapon, especially during the stages in Warzone. It offers good handling and the damage per shot makes it a versatile weapon. However, the Uzi has a poor rate of fire.

Which SMG gun is best?

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is one of the most famous firearms of this class. Its only rival in terms of proliferation is the Israeli Uzi submachine gun. The MP5 is a blowback operated, selective fire weapon, chambered for a standard 9×19 mm Parabellum ammunition.

What is the strongest SMG in real life?

5 Most Deadly Submachine Guns on the Planet

  • FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon:
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  • Mk.
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Is Uzi better than Milano?

The Uzi does have a similar fire rate to the Milano alongside solid performances in mid-range engagements thanks to a high output of damage. Its recoil can be difficult to control but with the right combination of attachments equipped, the Uzi can be one of the more versatile SMGs in the category.

Is the Uzi outdated?

Those of us in the firearms community know the Uzi is outdated and no longer in service to most of the agencies that adopted them originally. Often times, it is replaced by the H&K MP5 which is its obvious successor.

What is the fastest SMG?

The Fennec has the fastest rate of fire of any SMG in Warzone, making it a very strong weapon for clearing out buildings and 1v1 battles. It’s theoretical time-to-kill is only matched by the MP5, but due to the low recoil and high rate of fire of the Fennec, you’ll find that converting on that TTK is easier.

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What is the best SMG in Cold War?

The AK-74U takes the top spot as the best Black Ops Cold War Submachine Gun, only by the finest of margins. The AK tops the charts as a result of its better damage range and time-to-kill, in comparison to the MP5.

Was the MP40 a good submachine gun?

MP40 was a very decent submachine gun, but – unfortunately – there are many myths about it, and some of these have been tossed around as answers even with this question. MP40 did not have a “high production cost” – it was cheap to produce in making use of stamped steel and electro-spot welding.

What is the difference between the MP40 and the fg42?

* It seems that wikipedia has mixed up FG42 (very rare, used mostly by special forces) and MP40 which was one of the most common weapon in German armed forces. MP40 was not issued to only elite forces and commanders. It was widely used, more than a million was produced The weapon was considered to be very good for what it was.

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Why was the MP40 only issued to elite forces?

MP40 was not issued to only elite forces and commanders. It was widely used, more than a million was produced The weapon was considered to be very good for what it was. For some reason there is much disinformation about this weapon.

What was the difference between the MP-38 and MP-40?

The MP-40 used more stamped parts than the MP-38. The biggest weakness was the magazine. It was a double stack single feed type. The MP-40 was still in use by the Norwegian Army until 1990 when it was replaced by the HK MP-5. Now a few post stated that it was under powered and had a short range. oOF COURSE IT WAS.