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Was Osama bin Laden trained by the US?

Was Osama bin Laden trained by the US?

They deny that the CIA or other American officials had contact with Bin Laden, let alone armed, trained, coached or indoctrinated him. American scholars and reporters have called the idea of a CIA-backed Al Qaeda “nonsense”, “sheer fantasy”, and a “common myth”.

What’s the date of D Day?

June 6, 1944
Normandy landings/Start dates

What was Charles de Gaulle’s early life and inspirations?

Early life and inspirations. Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle was born on November 23, 1890, in the northern industrial city of Lille, France. His father, Henri, was a teacher of philosophy and mathematics and a veteran of the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71), in which Prussia (today known as Germany)…

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What did Charles de Gaulle do to break up the European Union?

As president de Gaulle fought every plan to involve France deeply in alliances. He opposed the formation of a United States of Europe and British entry into the Common Market. He stopped paying part of France’s dues to the United Nations, forced the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)…

What was the relationship between Charles de Gaulle and Charles Pétain?

De Gaulle and Pétain: rival visions of France. Prime Minister Pétain moved the government to Vichy (2 July) and had the National Assembly (10 July) vote to dissolve itself and give him dictatorial powers, making the beginning of his Révolution nationale (National Revolution) intended to “reorient” French society.

Who was Jean de Gaulle’s uncle?

Jean de Gaulle is cited in the Battle of Agincourt (1415). Perhaps the major influence on de Gaulle’s formation came from his uncle, also named Charles de Gaulle, who wrote a book about the Celts, the ancient people of western Europe. The book called for union of the Breton, Scots, Irish, and Welsh peoples.