What are the different clubs in Christ University?

What are the different clubs in Christ University?

Club Activity

Sl. No Club Name Activity Conducted
48 Marketing Club Brainstorm and come up with activities for club activities
49 Marketing Club Branding war
50 LOS Club Mr. Sreenath from Maridi Eco India Pvt. Ltd. Discussion about waste management
51 CSR Club World Environment Day

What are popular college clubs?

Common ones include:

  • Campus newspaper.
  • College radio station.
  • Campus TV station.
  • Graphic design clubs.
  • Film production clubs.

What are universities looking for?

University is all about scholarship and independent thought. Students who aren’t used to thinking for themselves rarely do well in interview. It’s also essential that applicants are able to demonstrate good time management and independent study skills.

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Are college clubs important?

Partaking in college clubs and organizations alongside your academic responsibilities allows you to practice not only discipline, but also time management. “Involvement in clubs demonstrates a student’s ability to manage his or her schedule with academics and social activities,” adds career coach Crystal Olivarria.

What is it like to study at Christ University?

Student Activities- Christ University treats you like an independent adult who is capable of making life decisions. There are zero restrictions imposed on students which in fact, moulds a student into being more responsible.

What is the Student Council at Christ University?

The Student Council at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) not only looks at the welfare of the students but also keeps in mind the overall interest of the public as a whole.

How is Christ University in terms of student exchange?

Good student exchange programs with excellent Arts and Bcom Hons courses. The university maintains quality placement & student exchange programs. It also facilitates a positive aura of learning from various people across the country. No other university in India organizes the Best Ethenic Day as the Christ University.

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What are the best things about Christ University Bangalore for students?

The best auditorium and library in Bangalore according to students and citizens. Brilliant placement record and career scope, specifically from the Big 4’s. Host to different weekly events and inter-college fests. A diverse crowd provides a good mixture of culture and ethics. One of my friends pursued his Bcom from Christ University.