What caused the Lion Air crash?

What caused the Lion Air crash?

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The fatal crash of Lion Air Flight 610 last year was caused by systemic design flaws in the Boeing 737 Max that were compounded by flight crew lapses, Indonesian investigators told the relatives of victims on Wednesday. It also pointed to maintenance issues on the Lion Air plane.

Why Indonesia has a lot of plane crash?

Indonesia’s aviation record is one of the worst in Asia, with more civilian airliner passenger accidents since 1945 than any other country in the region. Past accidents have been attributed to poor pilot training, mechanical failures, air traffic control issues and poor aircraft maintenance.

How many people died in the Lion Air crash?

Lion Air Flight 610/Number of deaths

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Why is Indonesian aviation so bad?

Indonesian aviation faces numerous challenges, including poorly maintained, outdated, and often overwhelmed infrastructure, the factor of human error, bad weather, haze problems caused by plantation fires, and volcanic ash spewed by numerous area volcanoes that disrupts air transportation.

How many planes from Indonesia have crashed?


Deaths Incident
Tot C
234 12 Garuda Indonesia Flight 152
189 8 Lion Air Flight 610
162 7 Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501

Is Lion Air a safe airline?

The only acceptable level of incidents at Lion Air is zero and we benchmark our safety practices and number of incidents against other Asian and global Airlines. We strive for full compliance in what is a highly regulated industry, in Indonesia and in the 41 domestic and 20 international destinations we fly to.

What happened in the Lion Air crash?

It is the deadliest accident in Lion Air’s history, surpassing the 2004 Lion Air Flight 583 that killed 25, and the second deadliest aircraft accident in Indonesia behind Garuda Indonesia Flight 152….Lion Air Flight 610.

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Summary MCAS design flaw, inadequate maintenance

Is air travel in Indonesia safe?

Indonesia is widely regarded as an emerging market for air travel in the region. However, safety issues continue to be a persistent problem in Indonesian aviation. Several accidents have given Indonesia’s air transport system the reputation of the least safe in the world.

Is Lion Air a budget airline?

PT Lion Mentari Airlines, operating as Lion Air, is an Indonesian low-cost airline. Based in Jakarta, Lion Air is the country’s largest privately run airline, the second largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia (after AirAsia) and the largest airline of Indonesia.

Who was the pilot of the Indonesian plane that crashed?

The captain was 48-year-old Mahlup Ghazali, an Indonesian national who joined Lion Air in 2013 and had logged 15,000 hours of flight experience, including 6,173 hours on the Boeing 737. The first officer was 24-year-old Chirag Kalra, an Indian national who had 1,200 flight hours, with 973 of them on the Boeing 737.

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What happened to Lion Air Flight MH370?

It is the deadliest accident in Lion Air’s 18-year history, surpassing the 2004 crash in Surakarta that killed 25, and the second deadliest aircraft accident in Indonesia behind Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 . The Indonesian government’s search and rescue found debris and human remains soon after from a 280 km (150 nmi) wide area.

How to help the families of the victims of Jakarta plane crash?

Lion Air offered free flights for the families of the victims to Jakarta. On 30 October, more than 90 relatives were flown to Jakarta for the identification of the victims.

What was the cause of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash?

A summary of the October 2019 final report says that “MCAS was the primary cause of the crash, a faulty sensor, inadequate maintenance, poor pilot training and a failure to heed previous problems with the same aircraft were all contributing factors.”