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What does a conditional job offer from USPS mean?

What does a conditional job offer from USPS mean?

When an applicant is selected, the appointing official makes a conditional offer of appointment that includes: Full particulars regarding the position, including title, duties, level, salary, location of employment, nature, and duration of appointment.

How long does a conditional job offer last?

1 You may need to complete these checks before your offer is valid, or you may have a set period of time (30 to 90 days, for example) in which to complete them after starting your job, during which time you’ll be a probationary hire.

What happens after you accept a conditional offer?

If you accept a conditional offer and meet the conditions, you’ll have a confirmed place here. Insurance: this is the choice you’d want if you didn’t meet the conditions of your firm choice. If this is a conditional offer, you’d need to meet the conditions for your place to be confirmed.

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How long does it take to get a conditional job from USPS?

It varies, it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. From apply to start was roughly two months, but once they interviewed me at the office it was only about a week.

What does a conditional job offer look like?

Conditional (Job) Offers of Employment. A conditional offer of employment is a job offer contingent on the employee first meeting certain conditions or requirements before starting the job. This often includes successfully passing certain aptitude tests, background checks, drug screenings, or a physical exam.

What happens when you accept a conditional offer?

What is conditional job offer in selection process?

What is a conditional job offer? It’s an offer of employment that’s based on an applicant meeting certain criteria or requirements. If accepted, it means they’d need to meet these conditions before commencing employment.

Can you get hired at USPS without an interview?

There is no such thing as an interview. They will give you one but it really is just a formality. They do a background check for felonies and a drug test, but otherwise they are required by law to hire just about anybody that can fulfill the lifting and carrying requirements.

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What are conditional offers?

A conditional offer is an agreement between two parties that an offer will be made if a specific condition is met. Conditional offers are used in real estate transactions whereby a buyer’s offer on a home is contingent on something getting done for the purchase to go through.

Can a conditional job offer be withdrawn?

Once someone has accepted an ‘unconditional’ job offer, they’re in a legally binding contract of employment. However, a ‘conditional’ job offer can be withdrawn if the person doesn’t meet the employer’s conditions (eg satisfactory references and health record).

When is a conditional offer of employment extended to an applicant?

If the candidate is selected, a conditional offer of employment is extended to the applicant following completion of further screening to determine eligibility and suitability for employment (see Employee and Labor Relations Manual, 346, Offer of Employment). The conditional offer includes the:

Does the Postal Service have a criminal hit on pre-screening background checks?

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The Postal Service did not always adhere to background screening requirements in determining applicant suitability for employees with either a criminal hit on the pre-screening assessment, or unfavorable NACI results. Of the employees we sampled who were hired with a criminal hit on their pre-screening background check:

What is the pre-screening process for USPS jobs?

The pre-screening process includes conducting the interview, drug screening, and local criminal background check. Upon acceptance of the job offer and to further assess suitability, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service conducts a more in-depth background investigation called the National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI).

How do I get another job with the USPS?

If you mean another job with the USPS, you may have to arrange a transfer. This is easily done, especially if the other office is short on personnel. For the sake of a good job, take the first job offered. Now the term conditional, does this mean you are a casual or an ET?