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What does a tanker do in the army?

What does a tanker do in the army?

During combat, their role is to operate tanks and amphibious assault vehicles to engage and destroy the enemy. Tanks like the M1A2 Abrams use mobility, firepower and shock effect to close with and extinguish enemy forces.

Where do Tankers sleep?

The crew (four or five or six) would sleep under a waterproof tarpaulin, in a row alongside their tank. While driving or in battle for hours at a time the conditions inside were almost unbearable. Some of the spent shell casings were used as makeshift bedpans to urinate into and severe constipation was very common.

What is an army cavalry scout?

Education, Qualifications, Training and Duty Stations Army Cavalry Scouts (MOS 19D) act as the “eyes and ears” of the Infantry Division. Image: The National Guard An Army Cavalry Scout (MOS 19D) serves a critical function in the U.S. Army.

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Is being a cavalry scout a dangerous job?

Since Cavalry scouts are often in direct contact with the enemy, their job can be considered one of the most dangerous jobs the Army has to offer. How much are Cavalry scouts paid? The average salary for a Cavalry scout with 3 years in the Army and a rank of E-4 will earn approximately $2,263 per month.

How do you become a Calvary Scout?

Both types of scouts do, however, go through a special form of basic training called One Station Unit Training (OSUT). OSUT is longer than regular basic training and combines basic training with advanced MOS-specific training. Calvary Scouts attend Cavalry OSUT at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

What is the difference between an army scout and an infantry scout?

The most obvious difference between these two types of scouts is the fact that they belong to two different branches of the Army. The infantry branch has the mission of actively engaging large enemy ground forces and capturing their territory.