What is a good time for a 800 meter dash?

What is a good time for a 800 meter dash?

800-meter Run Test

Rating Time (minutes/seconds)
average 3’16” – 3’30”
above average 3’01” – 3’15”
good 2’46” – 3′
excellent 2’45” or less

How hard is it to break 2 minutes in the 800m?

Breaking 2 minutes – What you need to know 1) you need to run at speeds FASTER than 60 sec/400m to break 2 minutes for 800m. So try 6 x 200m at 25-28 sec with a 200m walk. So try 6 x 300m at pace or 45 seconds. Or even 8 x 200m in 30 seconds with jogging as recovery.

What is a good 800 meter time for high school?

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Anything under 3:00 is good. If you want to win a HS dual track meets 2:15 to 2:20 might do it. Under 2:10 will win often. Under 2:00 will give you a top 3 in many high school championship meets.

What is a good 800m time for middle school?

Year in and year out, the best Middle School runners will be at or under 5:00 in the 1600 and 2:18 in the 800. Those are pretty much the MS equivalents of the HS marks of 4:30 and 2:00.

What is a good 800m time for a 11 year old?

An average time should be around 1:50. For the 800, a 3:00 should make you the fastest girl in your grade, while a 2:45 should make you state level. An average time would be 5:00. Hope this helped.

How do I train for the 800?

As the 800m athlete’s capacity increases over the season:

  1. 25-30min run @70-80\% of recent timed mile pace.
  2. 30-45min run @70-80\% of recent timed mile pace.
  3. 45-60min run @70-80\% of recent timed mile pace.
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What is a good 800M time for high school girl?

A 2:25 is excellent at the level I run at for girls. At least under 3 min. For a 800M that’s pretty good time and you can look it up on USA track/clubs online they have time standards.

What is the difference between 400m/800m and 800m/1500m PB?

The fast 400m/800m type, the pure 800m type and the resistant 800/1500m type. The 400m/800m type is the person that has a very fast 400m pb, a good 800m pb, and a somewhat poor 1500m pb compared to the level at the 400m and 800m pb.

What does it take to run an 800m?

The 800m run is a middle-distance race. These rely on the runner being able to maintain a fast pace throughout the race and then being able to sprint in the last stretch. Working out is going to require you to hone in on the following three abilities: Develop middle-distance running mechanics.

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How to run a sub 2:00 800m in the first time?

It gave me the confidence and my next race I finally accomplished that elusive sub 2:00. The workout consists of 12 repeats at goal race pace. The overall goal of the workout is to run 12×300 at 43-45 seconds if you are looking to run sub 2:00 in the 800 for the first time.

Is pure speed a problem for running a fast 800m?

Pure speed is not a problem for running a fast 800m. The problem is to sustain the race pace for a long time. Long tempo runs at threshold pace (intensity zone 3) should be avoided by 400m/800m runners and pure 800m runners. 800m/1500m runner seems to respond better to this training.