What is CCA spark and Hadoop developer?

What is CCA spark and Hadoop developer?

CCA-175 is basically an Apache Hadoop with Apache Spark and Scala Training and Certification Program. The major objective of this program is to help Hadoop developers to establish a formidable command, over the current traditional Hadoop Development protocols with advanced tools and operational procedures.

How do I pass CCA 175?

I recommend following this path to prepare for CCA175 certification:

  1. Understand the basics of Hadoop framework and its various components.
  2. Learn how Apache Spark is better to process Big Data.
  3. Introduction to Scala programming for Apache Spark.
  4. Scala implementation in Python and Java.

Which spark certification is best?

5 Best Apache Spark Certification

  • O’Reilly Developer Certification for Apache Spark. If you want to stand out of the crowd, O’Reilly developer certification for Apache Spark is a good choice.
  • Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer. Cloudera offers yet another Apache Spark certification.
  • MapR Certified Spark Developer.
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How much do Hadoop developers make?

Salary Ranges for Big Data /hadoop Developers The salaries of Big Data /hadoop Developers in the US range from $73,445 to $140,000 , with a median salary of $140,000 . The middle 50\% of Big Data /hadoop Developers makes $73,445, with the top 75\% making $168,000.

Which big data certification is in demand?

1. Big Data Professional Using SAS 9 Certification. This certification course is for professionals who want to validate their ability to use open source and SAS data management tools to prepare big data for statistical analysis.

What is required for a Hadoop and spark developer?

Candidate must be located within commuting distance of Dallas,TX or be willing to relocate to the area.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent,will consider work experience in lieu of a degree
  • 4+years of experience with Information Technology
  • 1 year in Big Data (Hadoop,Hbase,Hive,Scala),1 years in Spark development,Sqoop,Flume and Python
  • Will spark replace Hadoop?

    Spark is a viable alternative to Hadoop MapReduce in a range of circumstances. Spark is not a replacement for Hadoop, but is instead a great companion to a modern Hadoop cluster deployment.

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    What is the use of spark in Hadoop?

    Hadoop is used for Batch processing whereas Spark can be used for both. In this regard, Hadoop users can process using MapReduce tasks where batch processing is required. In theory, Spark can perform everything that Hadoop can and more. Thus it becomes a matter of comfort when it comes to choosing Hadoop or Spark.

    What are Hortonworks certifications?

    Certification Overview Hortonworks has redesigned its certification program to create an industry-recognized certification where individuals prove their Hadoop knowledge by performing actual hands-on tasks on a Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) cluster, as opposed to answering multiple-choice questions. The HDP Certified