What is culturable command area?

What is culturable command area?

Cultivable Command Area (CCA): The area which can be irrigated from a scheme and is fit for cultivation.

What is cultural command area in irrigation?

Culturable Command Area is the area in which a crop is grown at a particular time or crop season. It is denoted by CCA. Uncultivable areas are excluded from GCA to obtain CCA. The uncultivable area includes barren lands, forests, etc.

What is command area in irrigation engineering?

Command area ”The area which lies on down stream side of project to which water can reach by gravity action.” There are the three types of commanded areas. Gross Commanded Area (G.C.A) The Gross commanded area is the total area lying between drainage boundaries which can be irrigated by a canal system.

What is command area used for?

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The command area, CA, of a water source is the extent of area which can be reliably irrigated from that source. Reliable irrigation means that the availability of water is always larger than or equal to the irrigation need of a scheme.

What is culturable waste land?

Culturable Waste Land: This includes land available for cultivation, whether taken up or not taken up for cultivation once, but not cultivated during the last five years or more in succession including the current year for some reason or the other .

What is GCA and CCA in irrigation?

Contents: Gross Command Area (G.C.A) Cultivable Command Area (C.C.A) Intensity of Irrigation. Net and Gross Sown Areas.

What is crop period?

Crop Period: The time period that elapsed for the instant of the sowing of the crop to the instant of its harvesting is called crop period. Base Period: The time between the first watering of a crop at the time of its sowing to its last watering before the harvesting is called the base period or the base of the crop.

How do you find the command area?

Here is the Formula for finding Culturable Command Area : Gross Command Area = Cultivable Command Area + Uncultivable Area.

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What is command area development?

In 1974-75, the Government of India launched the Command Area Development programme to bridge / narrow the gap between irrigation potential created and actually utilized in major and medium irrigation schemes. This scheme was supposed to develop adequate delivery of the irrigation water up to the fields.

What is the gross command area and culturable command area?

This Gross Command Area (GCA) includes cultivable land as well as barren land, forests, houses, wasteland, roads etc. Cultivable Command Area is that part of Gross Command Area, which is fit for cultivating crops. So, cultivable area excludes forest and barren land from the Gross Command Area.

What do you mean by culturable?

Definition of culturable : capable of culture : cultivable.

What is culturable waste land Mcq?

Answer: c. 3. Land left without cultivation for one or less than one agricultural year is called. (a) Culturable waste land.

What is a Culturable Command area?

The cultivable command area is also called a culturable command area. This is defined as the cultivable part of the gross command area. This is that area where cultivation is possible. Pastures or fallow lands that can be converted into cultivable land comes under this category.

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What is command area in irrigation?

Types of Command Area in Irrigation Gross Command Area is the total area that can be economically irrigated from an irrigation scheme without considering the limitations of water. It is denoted by GCA. It includes cultivating land as well as roads, wastelands, forests, barren lands, etc.

What do you mean by curable command area?

The area cultivated land in the gross command of an irrigation system is called curable command area (CCA) and includes all land of the gross command on which cultivation possible. At any given time, however, all the cultivable land may not be actually under cultivation.

What is the difference between cultivable area and uncultivable area?

Cultivable Command Area is that part of Gross Command Area, which is fit for cultivating crops. So, cultivable area excludes forest and barren land from the Gross Command Area. What is left is uncultivable These terms are mainly used in canal irrigation engineering.