What is Divisional Forest Officer power?

What is Divisional Forest Officer power?

The Divisional Officer will submit confidential report on Officers subordinate to him above the rank of Forest Guard to the concerned Conservator of Forests and will maintain a record of confidential reports on all other Officers subordinate to him.

What are the powers of Indian Forest Service officer?

The core duty of an IFS officer is to manage forests, National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves, etc. Nearly 23\% of India’s land is controlled by IFS officers. 55 million people, about half the country’s population, depend on forests for fuelwood, fodder, medicinal plants and other forest produce.

What are the duties of a forestry officer?

Protective duty, guarding against fire and trespass, fighting fires and stopping trespass, as well as assisting the State authorities in the protection of game.

What are the duties of a Divisional Forest Officer?

Divisional Forest Officer verify all the field operation carried out by all the Range Officers including protection and conservation of forests and wild life. Field operations include raising nursery for increasing the tree cover outside the forest and for restocking the degraded forest.

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What is the objective of the Forest Department of Odisha?

As per RTI Act-2005 and Odisha RTI Rules,2005. 1. Aim and objectives of the Department/ Organization: Forest Department is the administrative department of Government of Odisha, Forest Department is doing conservation, improvement and sustainable management of forest and wild life.

How is the voucher transmitted to the forest officer?

The original voucher is transmitted with the forest officer’s (supervisor or superintendent) regular monthly account for the month in which the expense of the fire was incurred. The duplicate should be retained for future reference by the officer submitting the account.

What is the history of Athgarh Forest Division?

The Athgarh Forest Division was created in the year 1950 comprising Ex-estate of Athgarh, Tigiria, Baramba and Narasinghpur. This Division functions under Athgarh C.D. Block, Tigiria C.D. Block, Baramba C.D. Block, Narasinghpur C.D. Block and part of Banki C.D. Block.