What is it called when you move your tassel at graduation?

What is it called when you move your tassel at graduation?

There is a graduation tradition called the turning of the tassel. As tradition goes, there comes a time during the ceremony when the graduates are asked to flip their tassel from one side of their cap to another and this signifies the earning of a degree.

What is the tassel ceremony?

The tassel before graduation symbolizes your time as a student. When you move it to the other side, you are confirming your newfound graduate status. The tassel is then moved to the left at the end of the ceremony. College undergraduate ceremonies follow the same rules about turning the tassel.

What is the significance of moving the tassel?

Generally here in the states tassels are worn on the right side of the cap before the ceremony and are then moved to the left side to indicate that the wearer has passed from one level of learning to another like a diploma at high school or undergraduate degree – but they stay on the left and don’t move for a college …

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What is a convocation ceremony?

The definition of a convocation is a formal gathering of people who have been asked to come together, or a formal ceremony at a college or university where awards are given. A formal ceremony conducted by the English department at a college to give awards to its honor students is an example of a convocation.

What does throwing your cap mean?

Graduation Cap Throwing – This graduation tradition was believed to be invented by the U.S. Navy. On graduation day at the academy, midshipmen would get their new officer’s hats and they would throw their old hats in the air as a sign of appreciation.

Can you wear 2 tassels graduation?

Choose from special tassels. Although this tradition is more common in universities, some high schools may allow special tassels. These might signify membership in an honors society, valedictorian status, or other achievements. If your school allows these, and you are eligible for more than one tassel, just choose one.

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What does the graduation cap symbolize?

Typically, a graduation cap is characterized by having three or four horns or “peaks”. Graduation caps symbolize intellectual superiority and while bachelor degree graduates and undergraduates are required to wear the tassel on the left, higher academic achievement allows the graduate to move it to the right.

Where does the tassel go on a graduation cap?

All tassels are to start on the right side of the cap for undergraduate students. During the ceremony, students will move the tassel to the left when instructed.

What is a gold tassel?

A gold graduation tassel is one of the most popular options for high schools, or for students who are graduating with special honors. Gold tassels may be reserved for those who are on the Dean’s list, or for those students who are being recognized for special services to the school.

What is a graduation ceremony called?

The graduation ceremony is also sometimes called: commencement, convocation or invocation.

Why do we throw our caps in the air at graduations?

Why Do We Throw Our Caps in the Air? Well, we have the U.S. Navy to thank for that! Basically, what happened was that the 1912 graduating class of the Naval Academy had received their new officers’ hats during the ceremony. To express their excitement, they threw their graduation caps in the air and replaced them with their new uniforms.

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Why do navy graduates wear hats at graduation ceremonies?

In 1912, the Naval Academy became the first institution to start tossing graduation caps at their commencement ceremonies. This is because Navy graduates had to serve their first two years as midshipmen before becoming full-fledged officers, and they needed to wear a different hat during this period.

When did the graduation cap toss become a tradition?

This style of cap is believed to be an evolution of the biretta, which Catholic clerics and professors wore in the 15th century. When Did The Graduation Cap Toss Become A Tradition? In 1912, the Naval Academy became the first institution to start tossing graduation caps at their commencement ceremonies.

Why do people put a tassel on their cap after graduation?

Finally, the tassel tradition has only gained popularity in the last 50 years or so. Graduates move their tassel from right to left after receiving their diploma, which symbolizes their transition from student to graduate. Excited to toss your cap on graduation day?