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What is passing certificate Mumbai University?

What is passing certificate Mumbai University?

Mumbai: Students studying Law courses in the Mumbai University (MU) have received their results of five examinations. In order to study abroad or apply for jobs, students often require a passing certificate which serves as a valid proof of education. …

What is university passing certificate?

Provisional certificate is granted to students on behalf of the original certificate who passes the University or Board Examination, and it certifies that you have undergone the education mentioned in the certificate. For most universities, the actual certificates are issued after a convocation.

Is convocation certificate degree?

Provisional Degree Certificate is a temporary document provided by a university until a permanent degree is issued and imparted on convocation. Generally, it continues to be a valid certificate for around 6 months or until a degree is issued to the students. It has no expiry date per se.

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What is convocation certificate?

Meaning of convocation in English a large, formal meeting, esp. for the ceremony at a university at the end of a course of study, or the act of arranging a large, formal meeting: [ C ] She was awarded an honorary degree at the spring convocation.

Is convocation certificate and passing certificate same?

The passing certificate or degree certificate is provided during convocation ceremony in Mumbai university. So, yes its the same and only one document. You can pay a certain fee at the university examination centre(Calina campus) to get your passing certificate without attending the convocation ceremony.

Is passing certificate and convocation certificate same?

Is passing certificate and Marksheet same?

The Marksheet mainly consist of your subjects and their respective marks. Whereas, the passing certificate will mention only the subjects name, declaring that you have passed Xth Board exam. Although, there are few boards that doesn’t provide passing certificate.

Is convocation certificate and original degree certificate same?

Convocation: A degree certificate and a transcript of studies is usually presented at the convocation ceremony for those students able to attend; thus the degree certificate and convocation certificate are one and the same.

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How can I get convocation certificate from Mumbai university urgently?

  1. Approach the college from which you graduated, they can request the degree certificate on your behalf.
  2. Visit university of Mumbai, ask them politely, people will ignore you but someone will ask you to write letter of request and submit at counter, You may be required to do t.

How can I get Mumbai University degree certificate online?

How can students access their certificates

  1. Students can register on https://www.digilocker.gov.in/dashboard with their Aadhaar Card and mobile numbers.
  2. Write Mumbai University followed by the roll number/seat number of their final year.
  3. Insert their registration number written on the left side of the certificate.

How can I get my degree certificate from Mumbai University?

Approach the college from which you graduated, they can request the degree certificate on your behalf. This is faster way will take 4–5 weeks and 1 trip to university of Mumbai and 2 trips to your college.

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What is the difference between degree certificate and Convocation certificate?

Degree certificate is issued to the qualifying members of any University. It is an educational qualification. Convocation is the ceremony during which the educational qualifications are bestowed upon qualifying students. It is not limited to Degree qualification. So, typically a Degree certificate

Where can I get a copy of my marksheet from Mumbai University?

You may visit there with your original marksheets, id proof etc to the ChurchGate office. It usually takes like a week or so. You can collect it from Mumbai University office, which is in Kalina, Santacruz or Fort. It’s better to call your college and ask from which office you can get it and the further process.

How long does it take to get convocation with honor after graduation?

If you have completed your degree as a regular student (without backlogs ,ATKTs) then it’s no issue . you will receive your convocation with honor after 6 months in convocation ceremony held in your college .