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What is so bad about Ryanair?

What is so bad about Ryanair?

In fact, Ryanair was voted the “world’s worst short-haul airline” in a survey by Which? of more than 6,500 passengers in December, with complaints including numerous extra fees, uncomfortable seats, no in-flight entertainment options, and poor customer service.

Is Ryanair a safe airline?

Ryanair is considered the safest airline company in the world if we take into account a specific statistic. The statistic that has been considered is the one of the people who have died in an accident. They take into account the airline company that had the lowest number of died people during accidents.

Is Ryanair successful?

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Brand perception. For many years, Ryanair has trumpeted its success in providing what it believed customers want, namely safe air travel at a low fare and with high levels of punctuality. Indeed, this is the core of what short-haul passengers require from a low-cost carrier.

Why is Ryanair so popular?

In short, the airline consistently under-promises and over-delivers, thus creating a positive brand experience. As a consequence, critics of airlines like Ryanair tend to be users who have never flown the airline. On the other hand, its strongest advocates are actually those who have, and continue to fly the airline.

Is Ryanair Airbus or Boeing?

The risk of Ryanair switching sides to Airbus is unlikely, however, as the fleet is overwhelmingly made up of Boeing 737s.

Will Ryanair ever fly to USA?

Ryanair does not fly to the United States. Dublin Airport. This international airport serves Dublin, the capital of Ireland. For those traveling to the United States, one item of interest is the fact that the Dublin Airport is one of the two airports in Europe to offer United States border preclearance services.

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How dangerous is Lion Air compared to other airlines?

On the other hand, the only thing more dangerous than Lion Air’s safety record are its low fares, which are incredibly hard to resist, even if you prefer to avoid unsafe airlines. It’s difficult not to have empathy for pilots who land jets in Nepal, what with the Himalayas being there and all—some planes are bound to be less lucky than others.

Is Lion Air the best airline to fly in Indonesia?

All other airlines in Indonesia are better. At the very least you would expect to get to where you are going, this is not always the case with lion air as they frequently cancels flights, and good luck getting refunds. If they do fly that day you can expect a delay of 1-6 hours.

How many aircraft does Lion Air have?

Aside from the mainline carrier (143 aircraft), Lion Air’s subsidiaries include Batik Air (77 aircraft), Malindo Air (25), Wings Air (66), and Thai Lion Air (14). Overall, the group has a fleet of 325 aircraft and will continue expanding in the coming years.

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What is your review of flylion air?

Lion Air is better now, even they still have no free baggage but it suits with the price. The ground staff was very helpful, they print out my boarding pass and gave me front seat. The cabin is clean and comfy, their flight attendant were very helpful. The lavatory is clean.