What is the acceptance rate for BIE at UBC?

What is the acceptance rate for BIE at UBC?

Although I can’t speak of UW, but I shall be more than happy to share my experience in the BIE Program. For the class of 2019, the acceptance rate for this program was <4\%!

Is UBC Bie hard to get into?

Admission Evaluation: UBC’s admission process is competitive and comparative. Keep in mind that your application will be evaluated against all of the others we have received this year for the same degree. Although we do not admit students solely based on grades, academic performance is extremely important.

Is UBC good for economics?

The Vancouver School of Economics at UBC is ranked top in Canada, and in the top 20 such departments in the world. UBC economics alumnus, Robert Mundell won the 1999 Nobel Prize for Economics, following his groundbreaking analysis of exchange rates and monetary policy.

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What is Bie at UBC?

BIE is a distinct four-year, cohort-based degree program. Students will graduate with a deep understanding of the workings of the global economy, as well as strong technical training that will allow them to enter careers in business, government and academia.

Is it hard to get into UBC economics?

Every year 250 candidates are accepted into the BA Econ program. It’s not hard as the cut off is usually around ~74\%. Of course it varies as the more people that apply during any certain year may increase that acceptance percentage but if you want to be safe usually a B+ is a guaranteed acceptance.

What is the BIE program?

Does UBC accept IB certificate?

UBC recognizes the IB enriched secondary school program. To be assessed for first-year credit(s), you must contact the IBO and have your official results submitted to UBC electronically (UBC’s institution code is 000087).

What is international economics degree?

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Overview. International economics majors examine the ways that economics influence the interdependent nature of the world. Majoring in international economics thus prepares students to apply their expertise to a wide variety of global issues, ranging from international policy to regional economies and more.

What is an elective UBC?

Electives allow you to explore interests outside of the core BCom program. You can select courses to complement your choice of option/career or to develop expertise in a specific subject area. Learn more about: your elective requirements.