What is the best fish for a beginner?

What is the best fish for a beginner?

The 15 Best tropical fish for beginners are:

  • Guppy.
  • Molly.
  • Zebra danios.
  • Dwarf Gouramis.
  • Bettas.
  • Catfish.
  • Swordtails.
  • Firemouth Cichlid.

What fish is the easiest?

Betta Fish
Betta Fish Although they have the reputation as one of the easiest fish to keep, your betta will live a longer, happier life with a few upgrades from their sad, little fish bowl. Bettas thrive in a five-gallon tank minimum, with a filter and heater.

How many fish should I start with?

Adding Too Many Fish As a good rule of thumb only add up to 3 fish at a time to your tank. Once you’ve added the fish to your tank, wait until you’ve completed a nitrogen cycle and then you can add more fish.

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Which is the best fish to keep at home?


  • Plecostomus.
  • Discus.
  • Swordtail.
  • Pearl Gourami.
  • Zebra Danios.
  • Neon Tetras.
  • Guppies. Guppies, like danios, are a hugely popular aquarium fish thanks to their wide variety of colours and patterns, as well as their easy-going temperament.
  • Are betta fish good for beginners?

    Betta fish (also known as Betta splendens or the Siamese fighting fish) are a long-time favorite pet for both beginner and veteran fish keepers because of their colorful finnage and spirited personalities.

    What is the most low maintenance fish?

    5 Recommended Low Maintenance Fish

    • Bettas.
    • Platies.
    • Black Molly.
    • Swordtail.
    • Goldfish.

    Are GloFish good for beginners?

    GloFish (and zebra danios) really are a hard fish to kill. They make an excellent choice for a beginner fish.

    What is the luckiest fish?

    Gold fish can be kept at home as feng shui fish because they bring in wealth and good luck. Also, arowana fish feng shui, Butterfly Koi, Rainbow fish can be your choice.

    What fish should I buy?

    Let’s take a look at the top 10 best freshwater fish for your aquarium.

    • Neon Tetra. Probably one of the most well-known freshwater species on this list, the Neon Tetra is a small, thin, and easy-to-care fish that’s ideal for new owners.
    • Guppies.
    • Mollies.
    • Betta Fish.
    • Goldfish.
    • Angelfish.
    • Golden Dwarf Barbs.
    • Rainbowfish.
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    Do Bettas need a bubbler?

    No, betta fish do not require bubblers or air pumps. They have a special labyrinth organ which allows them to breathe air at the surface, plus if you have a good filter the water should be oxygenated enough anyway.

    How many fish can you keep in a 55 gallon tank?

    Bottom Line. The one-inch-per-gallon rule still applies, so be sure that you do not exceed 55 inches of fish in a 55-gallon tank. This roughly equates to four or five bottom-dwelling fish along with a couple algae eaters.

    What is the best beginner fish to buy?

    Common varieties include marble, zebra, koi, and veil angelfish. All of these beginner fish are hardy, easy to care for, and readily available at your local fish store, so have fun researching your next fish and deciding which one is best for you!

    What type of fish do you have in your aquarium?

    Without any further ado, let’s start with the first type of fish, that most people have in their aquariums: 1. Goldfish The goldfish is a very popular fish breed, that most new aquarium owners really like to purchase.

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    What is the worst beginner fish to own?

    #1 Worst Beginner Fish: Goldfish. Without a doubt, the goldfish has been the most abused fish in the hobby. Being one of the first fish housed in captivity, the goldfish is the result of genetic mutation. No one is exactly certain of the origins of the goldfish, but they are a part of the carp family along with koi.

    Is a goldfish a good choice for beginners?

    The goldfish is a very popular fish breed, that most new aquarium owners really like to purchase. What makes them a good choice for beginners? Goldfish usually don’t require a lot of special knowledge, besides the general things that any aquarium owner must do regularly.