What is the dress code in Christ University?

What is the dress code in Christ University?

Christ university, one of Bengaluru’s most popular and autonomous universities is following dress code. Among its rules, students are not allowed to wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts, leggings, skirts, tattoos, or piercings.

Does Christ University have strict rules?

Christ University is one of the branded and well known college in Karnataka. Students adore their campus every moment during college hours inside as well as outside of classroom but college is much strict with rules and regulations like CCTV cameras, dress codes and a conformist outlook.

Is there uniform in Christ University MBA?

In the main campus, it’s shirts and trousers with belt for men and cotton churidhar or salwar and knee-length kurtas for women. Wearing a. After leggings and lycra were banned some years ago, security guards were asked to check for the material used by students. They would stare at us, touch the fabric.

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Is there any dress code in Gargi College?

“My seniors were comfortable in whatever they wore. Mostly, I would see my seniors in shorts and that was something that I also started following. There is no dress code in colleges, so wear what you feel comfortable in.

Is there a dress code in Miranda House?

Miranda House, IP College for Women, and Gargi College do not impose any kind of restrictions on their girl students regarding dress types, shapes and sizes. So much so that Gargi College’s administrator once proudly encouraged girls to wear “skimpy clothes” because a “girl’s college provides a safe environment”.

Can girls wear salary kameez in Christ University?

Yes!! Regarding salary kameez, well that’s their dress code. So if you want to study in Christ University, u will have to follow their rules naturally.. Well, girls can wear churidars which are not made up of stretchable clothes.

How strict is the dress code at Christ University?

For starters, Christ is a pretty strict college when it comes to dress code, attendance and mobile phone usage. They do insist that you wear patialas or Churidhar pants. Leggings are definitely not acceptable although this also depends on the department you are in. Some departments don’t make a huge fuss.

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Does Christ University allow girls to wear leggings in campus?

Strictly No Leggings, However, all my 3 years of life at Christ university I saw number of girls wearing patiyalas when they enter the campus and leave the campus with Leggings. Hostel is only for girls and yes, you will have to be back by 7:30 at any cost.

Is attendance compulsory at Christ University?

Thankfully, attendance is not compulsory for all, only students living within a 3km radius have to attend class. 4. Christ University has its own penal code: Students late for sports practice – which starts at 6:30 am – are fined Rs 20. If students, including girls, don’t attend a session, they are fined between Rs 30-40.