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What is the main job of the cavalry before a battle?

What is the main job of the cavalry before a battle?

Initially cavalry tasks were defined traditionally as: reconnaissance – locating and maintaining contact with the enemy, screening – covering and concealing the movements of your own army from the enemy’s reconnaissance attempts, covering the flanks and rear of your army in battle and threatening those of your enemy.

How was light cavalry used?

The purpose of light cavalry was primarily raiding, reconnaissance, screening, skirmishing, patrolling and tactical communications. Prior to the early 17th century they were usually armed with swords, spears, javelins, or bows, and later on with sabres, pistols, shotguns, or carbines.

Did the Romans use heavy cavalry?

Within the Late Roman Empire, light cavalrymen and mounted archers were placed in skirmishing positions in front of the Roman line. Heavy cavalry would be placed on the wings of the Roman infantry line.

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What was heavy cavalry used for in medieval warfare?

Heavy cavalry, such as Byzantine cataphracts and knights of the Early Middle Ages in Europe, were used as shock troops, charging the main body of the enemy at the height of a battle; in many cases their actions decided the outcome of the battle, hence the later term battle cavalry.

How did the armor of the cavalry protect the rider?

Moreover, armour replaced full harness, heavy leather boots taking over the protection of the rider’s lower leg. In the 17th Century the more heavily armoured cavalry usually wore a rather ugly type of armour, with a very short peaked breastplate and long laminated ‘tassets’ protecting them from waist to knee.

What weapons were used in the Civil War?

Cavalry weapons Apart from the lances, etc, already mentioned, most European cavalry also carried a long straight double-edged sword and sometimes other short weapons like maces and pollaxes (short weapons with an axe blade on one side and a hammer-head on the other, still carried, slung on the wrist, by cavalry in the English Civil War).

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What did the Mongols use heavy cavalry for?

Mongol heavy cavalry in battle (13th–14th century) Muslim military advances in Sub-Saharan Africa relied heavily on armoured cavalry, playing a similar role to that in medieval Europe. The Heavy cavalry of the Oyo Empire entailed cavalrymen armed with heavy thrusting spears and swords.