What is your Favourite exo song?

What is your Favourite exo song?

Favorite Exo Songs!!!

  • 12 members- Overdose.
  • 10 members- Call me baby.
  • 9 members- Monster.
  • 8 members- Gravity.
  • 6 members- Day after day.

What is EXO’s most viewed music video?

Ko Ko Bop
As of January 2021, the most popular video on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel (SM Town) was the official music video of its boy band EXO’s song “Ko Ko Bop”, with over 296 million views.

Does Exo have English songs?

EXO – “For Life” A simply mesmerizing English version of the song brought to you by D.O. and Chanyeol in an acoustic setting.

Which K-pop MV has the most views?

PSY’s Gangnam Style has now crossed 3.8 billion views on YouTube. This puts Gangnam Style at the top of the list for the most-watched Kpop music Videos ever and it is not even close.

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What is the first English Kpop song?

“Dynamite” is the group’s first single entirely sung in English. Insider spoke to K-pop experts in Korea on what the first entirely English song means for BTS and K-pop at large.

Which Kpop group has English songs?

Girls’ Generation, “The Boys”

  • Monsta X, “Someone’s Someone”
  • Red Velvet, “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”
  • BIGBANG, “With U”
  • NCT 127, “Regular”
  • CL, “Lifted”
  • Day6, “Zombie”
  • Tiffany Young, “Teach You”
  • What are the top 10 songs that Exo should listen to?

    But to start with , you must listen to :- 1 Growl 2 Heart attack 3 Overdose 4 Monster 5 Call me baby. 6 Baby Don’t Cry 7 Miracles In December. 8 Light saber. 9 Wolf 10 For You by EXO-CBX

    What are Your Top 20 favourite songs from XOXO?

    1 The Winter’s Tale 2 The Lost Planet 3 Haka 4 MAMA (Rearranged) 5 Let Out The Beast 6 I’m Lay 7 Delight 8 Angel 9 Black Pearl (Rearranged) 10 Up Rising 11 XOXO 12 Beat Maker 13 Love, Love, Love 14 Thunder 15 Tell Me What Is Love 16 My Lady 17 My Turn To Cry 18 Baby Don’t Cry 19 Machine 20 Breakin’ Machine

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    What are Your Top 10 Favorite Songs of all time?

    1 Lucky One 2 Monster 3 Artificial Love 4 Cloud 9 5 Heaven 6 White Noise 7 One and Only 8 They Never Know 9 Stronger 10 Lucky One (Instrumental)