What was Jiang Zemin known for?

What was Jiang Zemin known for?

Jiang Zemin (/dʒiːˈɑːŋ zəˈmɪn/; Chinese: 江泽民; pinyin: Jiāng Zémín; born 17 August 1926) is a retired Chinese politician who served as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party from 1989 to 2002, as Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party from 1989 to 2004, and as President of …

Who was the leader of the CCP before Mao?


No. Name (birth–death) Left office
2 Xiang Zhongfa 向忠发 (1879–1931) 24 June 1931
3 Bo Gu 博古 (1907–1946) 17 January 1935
4 Zhang Wentian 张闻天 (1900–1976) 20 March 1943
5 Mao Zedong 毛泽东 (1893–1976) 9 September 1976

What was Jiang Zemin’s rule by corruption?

Following the June 4 massacre, Jiang Zemin stepped up to helm the Communist Party, beginning a period of “rule by corruption” that further empowered the princelings to abuse their status and engage in vast economic malfeasance.

Is Jiang Zemin’s grandson now a billionaire?

New revelations point to the progeny of Jiang Zemin, the 92-year-old former head of the Chinese Communist Party, as owning wealth exceeding that of any listed billionaire. Jiang Zhicheng, also known by his Anglicized name of Alvin Jiang, was born in 1986 and is the grandson of Jiang Zemin.

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Who is the 3rd generation of Chinese leaders?

Jiang represented the ” core of the third generation ” of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders since 1989. Jiang came to power unexpectedly as a compromise candidate following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, when he replaced Zhao Ziyang as CCP General Secretary after Zhao was ousted for his support for the student movement.

Why was Jiang Zetian controversial?

However, Jiang was controversially faced criticism over human rights abuses which also led to the crackdown of the Falun Gong movement. His contributions to party doctrine, known as the ” Three Represents ,” were written into the party’s constitution in 2002.