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Which certificate is eligible for sports quota?

Which certificate is eligible for sports quota?

Out of 100 marks, 40 marks will be considered for Certificates and 60 marks for sports trials. The eligibility criteria for GU admissions 2018 for Sports quota candidates are such that maximum 40 marks will be considered for the Sport Certificate.

Can I get admission in DU with 80 marks?

Yes you can get admission in DU but only if you belongs to any if the reserved category like OBC/SC/ST/EWS not with General category and also if the percentage mentioned by you is the percentage of best 4 subjects otherwise it is quite difficult to predict the list because for admission to Delhi University your best …

How can I get seat in sports quota?

The candidate has to submit an undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100 stating that she will play for the College and University during her undergraduate course of study. 2\% of the total number of seats are reserved for candidates admitted under Sports Quota.

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Which sports will be considered in sports quota?

The new sports disciplines include- Baseball, Cycle Polo, Fencing, Mallakhamb, Net Ball, Pencak Silat, Roll Ball, Sepak Takraw, Tenpin Bowling, Tug-of-war, Tennis Ball Cricket, Body-Building, Deaf Sports, Kudo, Motor Sports, Para Sports (for sports discipline included in para-Olympics and Para Asian Games), Shooting …

How do you get a sports certificate?

Applicants can obtain the registration form from the office of the Deputy Director (Academics), Sports Authority of India, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Old Moti Bagh, Patiala-147001 or can also download from the official website — nsnis.org.

Which DU College can I get with 80 percent?

DU Colleges and Courses with CutOff between 80-90\%

College Name Course Cut Off Percentage
Bharati College B.A. Programme (History + Music) 80\%
Bharati College B.A. Programme (History + OMSP) 84\%
Bharati College B.A. Programme (Economics + OMSP) 88\%
Bharati College B.A. Programme (Economics + Political Science) 84\%

What is college sports quota?

The aim of the sports quota is to financially support sportsmen in the country so that they get proper resources to represent themselves and their teams in various sports. Universities such as Delhi University (DU) Also Offer Admission Through Sports Quota.

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What sports are sports quota?

How does sports quota work in college?

Universities such as Delhi University (DU) Also Offer Admission Through Sports Quota. If a person is a recognised sportsperson who has been given recognition by the Central or State Government, he/she is eligible for Sports quota jobs in both central as well as state governments.

How to take admission in du through sports quota without trials?

Candidates aspiring to take admission in DU through sports quota can take direct admission without appearing for sports trials if they have represented India in either of the following sports leagues: The process is similar to applying for ECA trials.

How to apply for du ECA quota admissions 2021?

The application procedure for DU ECA Quota admissions 2021 can be checked below – Go to the official website of DU and fill the application form. Opt for the ECA category and the corresponding activity through which you want to qualify. Upload your ECA certificate as evidence of your participation in the respective activity.

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What is the selection criteria for admission in du?

The university has a very distinct selection criterion as it gets applications from candidates belonging to different regions. DU cut-offs for commerce, science and art courses is quite high, but students who have been active in sports and extracurricular activities can avail relaxation of marks in DU cut-offs.

How much weightage is given to sports certificate in du?

DU gives 40\% weightage to the sports certificate and 60\% weightage to the sports trials of the game for which the candidate has received the certificate. The sports trial will include Sport Specific Fitness, Overall Playing Ability and Fundamental Skills.