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Which is more stable sn4+ or pb4+?

Which is more stable sn4+ or pb4+?

Which ion is more stable: sn4 or pb4? – Quora. Inert pair effect : The reluctance of pair of n s electrons to takepart in bonding. Due to inert pair effect , Pb+2 is more stable than that of Pb+4, as no inert pair effect is seen in tin, Sn+4 is more stable than that of Pb+4.

Why sncl4 is more stable than pbcl4?

As we move down the group from C to Pb, the stability of +4 oxidation state decreases while that of +2 oxidation state increases due to the same inert pair effect. Therefore, for Pb +2 oxidation state becomes more stable than +4 oxidation state and vice-versa for Sn.

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Is Pb2+ or Pb4+ more stable?

When ns2 electrons of outermost shell do not participate in bonding, it is called inert pair effect. Since the inert pair effect increases down the group, therefore Pb2+ compounds are more stable than Pb4+ compounds.

Why gecl2 is more stable than gecl4?

Explanation: GeCl4 is more stable than GeCl2. Ge has greater tendency to form +4 state than +2 state.

Which is more stable gecl2 or gecl4?

Ge(OH)2​ is amphoteric.

Why PbCl4 is less stable than SnCl4 but PbCl2 is more stable then SnCl2?

Pbcl4 is less stable than sncl4 but pbcl2 is more stable than sncl2 because pb has +4 oxidation state in pbcl4 while has +2 oxidation state in pbcl2. The +2 oxidation state of pb is much more stable than +4.

Which is more stable SnCl4 or SnCl2?

Sncl2 is more stable than sncl4. According, to the rule more charge has higher tendency to polarise the surrounding atom which tends to introduce a covalent character in molecule.

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Why is the oxidation number of Pb 2 more stable than P4?

In case of Pb, the +2 oxidation state is more stable than the +4 oxidation state due to inert pair effect. In Pb, the s-electrons remain inert and do not take part in bonding.

Which is more stable PBX2 or PBX4?

Oxidation state of +2 is more stable than +4 . due to inert pair effect . This is due to poor screening effect of d and f electrons that restrict ns electron to take part in the bond formation . So, PbX2 is more stable than PbX4.

Why does Pb+2 react easily with Pb4 but not Pb2?

Pb+2 is in lower oxidation state so it can react easily to attain higher oxidation state of +4 and gets stabilised.but Pb+4 is in its highest possible oxidation state and already stabilised.So it can not react so easily.Hence Pb+2 reacts easily than Pb+4. Think You Can Provide A Better Answer?

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Which is more stable PbCl2 or PBP2?

>> PbCl2 is more stable than P… The inert pair effect is the tendency of the two electrons in the outermost atomic s orbital to remain unionized or unshared in compounds of post-transition metals., out of which (Pb) lead is one.