Which planet is responsible for technology?

Which planet is responsible for technology?

Rahu is the planet, which gives manipulative abilities with innovative ideas. Saturn, Mars, and Rahu carry technological approach. So the relationship between Saturn, Mars, and Rahu with the 10th house, 10th Lord, 5th house, (that is the house of mind and education) and 5th Lord give sure engineering service.

Which planet helps in going abroad?

‘ Rahu is the primary planet guiding your foreign travels. This is because Rahu is foreign and alien by nature and, thus, significant in case of your travel abroad. In a simple language, I would tell you – Rahu, in conjunction with the 9th or 12th houses, can make it possible for you to go abroad.

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Which planet gives success in competitive exams?

Planet Moon is the significator of the mind in the horoscope. Undoubtedly the concentration of mind is necessary to succeed in any competitive examination. In fact in astrology, if the Moon is strong in D1 and D9 birth chart, then surely the person will study carefully and get success in the exam.

Which planet represents CSE?

Venus – Venus is the main planet here as it represents Creativity, Beauty and Convenience. Through Computers, Software and Apps, we are trying to make life convenient and beautiful for all. Mercury – Mercury represents Languages which includes programming language too.

Which planet is responsible for mechanical engineering?

Mercury with Mars indicates mechanical engineering. Mercury with Venus and Mars indicates computer engineering. Mercury with Venus indicates chemical engineering.

Which planet gives foreign settlement?

Rahu, when connected to the ninth house (long-distance travel) or the twelfth house (foreign land), can make the native go abroad. Ketu is the other planet responsible for foreign travel. Ketu can make a native leave his home and settle abroad.

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What will be the profession of my future husband astrology?

In a kundali, the 10th house is the house of career. If you want to know the profession of spouse, count the 10th house from the 7th house because it is that the house of the marriage and 10th house from 7th house will give clues about the career of the spouse. This concludes to be the 4th house from Ascendant.

What are the planets of Education in astrology?

According to Career Astrology, Mercury and Jupiter are the main planets of education into our life. These two planets are to be considered for any education-related analysis. Mercury is linked to technical education or engineering and career as it is the ruler of intellect power, mathematics and mechanical engineering as well.

Which planets will develop an interest in engineering?

Let’s discuss those planets and planetary placements that develop an interest of a person into engineering and its related subjects. According to Career Astrology, Mercury and Jupiter are the main planets of education into our life. These two planets are to be considered for any education-related analysis.

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What does it mean to be an engineer according to astrology?

It indicates his/her inclination towards a particular stream of subjects. Some indications in horoscope for opting engineering and becoming an engineer. Yes, people who want to make their career in the engineering field can take help from career astrologer and know the aspects and opportunities of their career.

What is the significance of mercury in the horoscope for engineering?

When Mercury is associated with other planets then it gives aptitude for different courses of engineering like: If Mercury having an association with Saturn in conjunction with Jupiter then it gives interest in financial engineering. People who are facing career obstacles and problems should look at both palms in the morning.