Who named the Columbus Blue Jackets?

Who named the Columbus Blue Jackets?

According to, when the city of Columbus learned that it would get a team in 1997, it partnered with Wendy’s restaurants on a naming contest. Some 14,000 suggestions poured in, which were whittled down to 10. “Blue Jackets” was chosen over “Justice.” In the Civil War, Union soldiers wore blue fatigues.

Why do the Columbus Blue Jackets have a cannon?

The cannon is fired prior to each home game, each time the Columbus Blue Jackets score on the ice, and following each victory. The firing of the cannon has a long history of startling unexpecting people inside Nationwide Arena; even opposing players down on the ice.

What are the Blue Jackets called?

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Columbus Blue Jackets
The Columbus Blue Jackets (often simply referred to as the Jackets and abbreviated CBJ) are a professional ice hockey team based in Columbus, Ohio.

When did Columbus Blue Jackets start?

June 25, 1997
Columbus Blue Jackets/Founded
The Birth of the Franchise On June 25, 1997, Columbus was one of four cities – Atlanta, Nashville and St. Paul, Minnesota – selected for expansion. A “Name the Team” contest attracted 14,000 entries that generated a list of 10 potential names that was narrowed to two (Blue Jackets and Justice) and on Nov.

Where did the Detroit Red Wings name come from?

Detroit, MI
Detroit Red Wings/Locations

Is there a insect called a blue jacket?

The Blue Jacket wasp is no ordinary wasp. These wasp sting will still sting you but then venom they release helps cure Alzheimer’s. These wasp have only been found in the Northern part of Europe in the countries Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Who does Brandon Dubinsky play for?

Columbus Blue Jackets#17 / Centerman
Brandon Dubinsky/Current teams

What place are the Columbus Blue Jackets in?


10 Blue Jackets 95
11 Flyers 92
12 Devils 97
13 Sabres 101
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Where is the Columbus Blue Jackets arena?

Nationwide Arena
Columbus Blue Jackets/Arenas/Stadiums

Does Ohio have an NHL?

The Columbus Blue Jackets are a National Hockey League (NHL) team located in Columbus, Ohio. The NHL awarded Columbus the team in 1997, and the Blue Jackets began play in the 2000-2001 Season, following the expansion of the NHL.

How did the Calgary Flames get their name?

Cousins named the team the “Flames” after the fire resulting from the March to the Sea in the American Civil War by General William Tecumseh Sherman, in which Atlanta was nearly destroyed. They played home games in the Omni Coliseum in downtown Atlanta. The Flames were relatively successful early on.

How did the Columbus Blue Jackets become the Blue Jackets?

The story of how the Columbus Blue Jackets became the Blue Jackets is one that took more than a few days to come to fruition. The story begins in 1996, when Columbus Hockey Limited, a partnership of five investors interested in attracting a National Hockey League expansion team to Columbus, Ohio,…

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Who is the current general manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets?

Mike Priest, President of Blue Jackets parent company JMAC, Inc., was named President of the club, while Assistant General Manager Jim Clark served as general manager until the Blue Jackets named Edmonton Oilers Assistant General Manager Scott Howson as the new general manager on June 15, 2007.

How did Columbus get its NHL team name?

The NHL awarded the city of Columbus an expansion franchise along with Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Paul, Minnesota. With a franchise in hand and an arena set to break ground, next came the naming of the team.

What is the meaning of the Columbus Ohio State Flag?

The alternate is inspired by the state flag of Ohio and is displayed in the shape of the letter “C.” That image overlays the familiar Blue Jackets’ star, which signifies Columbus as the state’s capital. The state flag of Ohio, called the Ohio burgee, is based upon the pennant used by the Ohio cavalry from 1862-65.