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Why did Takizawa get tortured?

Why did Takizawa get tortured?

With Anteiku owner Yoshimura’s kakuhou transplanted into Takizawa, Dr. Kanou aimed to create another Kaneki. To that end, he literally dehumanized Takizawa by torturing him for over a year – much longer than Kaneki’s one week with Jason.

Why did Takizawa turn evil?

It turned out that after being presumed dead, he was captured by Aogiri, turned into a ghoul and repeatedly subjected to extensive torture at the hands of Dr. Kanou. This process was intended to force the development of new Rc pathways, strengthened his body and removing any lingering human weaknesses.

How did Takizawa become ghoul?

Captured by Aogiri, Takizawa was given to Dr. Kanou and given the designation “OWL 15.” Of the sixty-three investigators subjected to the ghoulification process, he was the only one considered a successful product.

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Is Akira in love with Takizawa?

Akira confessed that she loves both Amon ,and takizawa ,but from what I can get she loved Amon more seriously if he didn’t block her kiss their relationship would have gotten much more advanced.

Why did Amon turn into a ghoul?

Due to a personal experience as an orphan during his childhood, Amon came to the conclusion that the world was wrong, therefore he made it his task to change it. Because he believes it is ghouls who are twisting the world, he views their eradication as a way to mend it.

What happened to Hinami in Tokyo ghoul?

After being captured by the CCG during the Auction Mopping-up Operation and sent to Cochlea, she was released several months later by Kaneki, Touka, and Ayato Kirishima. She is currently a member of Goat, an organization founded by the One-Eyed King.

Does Amon become a Ghoul?

After Amon was transformed into a one-eyed ghoul, his worldview underwent a gradual transformation. Since he had become the very thing he scorned and vowed to destroy, Amon could no longer hold onto the rage and hatred that once fueled his life’s purpose.

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Who does Akira end up with?

Ever since childhood, Akira has had romantic feelings for Tadashi Karino, but hides them deep within her heart. She and Tadashi do confess to each other and become a couple towards the end of the series.