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Why was Sanjana Galrani arrested?

Why was Sanjana Galrani arrested?

BENGALURU: Sandalwood actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, arrested on alleged drug peddling charges, has been granted bail on health grounds.

Is Sanjana Galrani released from jail?

On December 12, she was released on bail from the prison after 90 days. In a story, she shared a photo with sister Nikki Galrani which spoke about a sister’s love Actresses Sanjjanaa and Ragini Dwivedi were arrested by the Bengaluru Crime Branch in September 2020.

Did Sanjana Galrani get bail?

Sanjana was granted bail on December 11 by Karnataka state High court on certain conditions which include a personal surety bond of rupees three lakhs and sureties from two individuals and her two visits to CCB office in a month. The conditions also include that the accused should not influence witnesses in any way.

What happened Sanjana Galrani?

Drug case. Sanjjanaa Galrani was arrested by the Central Crime Branch (CCB) of the Karnataka Police on 8th September 2020 in connection with the investigation into the drug racket involving the Kannada film industry. Sanjjanaa is the second actor to be arrested by the CCB after Ragini Dwivedi.

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Who is Aditya Alva?

Aditya, who is the son of late Janata Party leader Jeevaraj Alva, is accused number six in the Sandalwood drug case and had been absconding for months. “Aditya Alva, who was absconding for over four months was arrested on Monday night. We were involved in a continuous operation to arrest him.

What is Sandalwood drug case?

Sandalwood drug case: Forensic report confirms substance abuse in Kannada film industry, chargesheet filed. Hair samples of the accused were collected and sent to Hyderabad for tests and the report received now has established that they were doing drugs.

Is Sanjjanaa Galrani married?

South actress Sanjjanaa Galrani has penned a heartwarming note for her doctor-husband, Dr Azeez Pasha, on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day. South actress Sanjjanaa Galrani has penned a heartwarming note for her doctor-husband, Dr Azeez Pasha, on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day.

What is Sanjana Galrani sister name?

Nikki Galrani
Sanjjanaa Galrani/Sisters

Who is Aditya Alva father?

His father, K. Nagappa Alva, was also a politician and he once headed the state unit of the Congress party. Alva married the classical dancer Nandini Alva (née Seth). They are the parents of a son, Aditya (b.

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How is Vivek Oberoi related to Aditya Alva?

Vivek Oberoi’s brother-in-law Aditya Alva had been absconding since September 2020. Actor Vivek Oberoi’s brother-in-law Aditya Alva has been arrested in connection with the Sandalwood drug case. Alva has been accused of hosting parties at his residence where drugs were allegedly consumed.

What happened to Ragini case?

Kannada actor Ragini Dwivedi, who was arrested in an alleged drug peddling case, walked out of the Central Prison in Parappana Agrahara on Monday night after 145 days of imprisonment. Ragini was made accused no. 2 and charged under various sections of the NDPS Act for allegedly peddling and consuming substances.

How is boss of Kannada film industry?

Darshan Thoogudeepa (born 16 February 1977) known mononymously as Darshan, is an Indian actor, producer, and distributor who works predominantly in Kannada films. One of the leading contemporary actors of Kannada cinema, Darshan established the production house Thoogudeepa Productions in 2006.

Who is Sanjjanaa Galrani?

BENGALURU: The Central Crime Branch of city police arrested Sanjjanaa Galrani on Tuesday for alleged links with drug peddlers — the second Sandalwood actress to be detained in the ongoing crackdown on drug abuse in the industry and celebrity circles.

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Why did Bengaluru police raid Sanjana Galrani’s house?

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) wing of the Bengaluru police raided the residence of famous Kannada actress Sanjana Galrani on Tuesday morning and has been detained. According to reports, after obtaining the search warrant from Court, the CCB raided her house in connection with the drugs conspiracy.

How many languages does Sanjana Galrani speak?

According to reports of IMDb, Sanjana Galrani is fluent in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Sindhi, Urdu languages. She also made her debut as a child actor at the age of 12. Her prominent debut, however, happened when she was 16 years old.

Who is Sanjana Chawla?

After Ragini Dwivedi, Sanjana is the second actress in CCB net. As per sources she was very close to Rahul ( another accused in the case ). He gave certain information to CCB about Sanjana. Now, the CCB has stepped up is probe and search warrant has been issued to raid Viren Khanna’s house.